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Withernsea Organ Society

Telephone Number :  01964 614267

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Contact name :  Margaret Read

Venue address : The Northfield, Waxholme Road, Withernsea, HU19 2BT

About Withernsea Organ Society

Withernsea Organ Society  (formed 1974)

As with most clubs it began with a group of dedicated 'organ buffs'.  Back then in 1974 the organ was at the height of its popularity, there were organ/music shops in most towns, a time which many remember with nostalgia, most shops held ' demonstration' evenings and the top players could be seen and heard.

From small beginnings, and after a lot of money-raising events, garden parties, cheese and wine parties, meat pie suppers, etc. the society managed to buy its first organ and began meeting in the local British Legion Club where those members who could would play a little and gain confidence.

In 1980 the first professional artist invited was John Mann, this was arranged by local organ dealer, Gough & Davys and was held at a local venue "Teddy's Club" (no longer there).  Then Brian Sharp came and gradually the number of concerts increased each year and in 1988 they moved to the Northfield, Waxholme Road, Withernsea HU19 2BT  an excellent venue which is still used today, and with the exception of January, a concert is held monthly, concerts normally begin at 7.45 p.m.   The membership fee is £3.00 per annum and monthly concerts are normally £4.00 for members and £5.50 for guests.  Exceptions are made if there is a buffet or special event.  All the top U.K. artists have made the journey to the town and also a few overseas players have made it to the breezy coastal resort.  Dikrkjan Ranzijn, Claudia Hirschfeld, Tony Fenelon.  Tony was fascinated that the 'Ocean' was so close.  Well the North Sea was the German Ocean at one time! 

Withernsea is a small seaside town 20 miles east of Hull, birthplace of the famous fifties film star Kay Kendall, who sadly died of leukaemia when she was 32 and it is also the home town of top jazz trumperter of the same era, the late, great Kenny Baker who, incidently, played the trumpet in the film "Genevieve" with Kay Kendall miming.  Kenny also taught her the fingering.

A warm welcome awaits our visitors, the venue has a licenced bar, and serves refreshments, tea/coffee etc. in the interval and home cooked tea-time meals.







Our Venue

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Withernsea Organ Society's Concert Diary

February 13thRyan Edwards (more details)

AGM pre-concert

March 13thIan Griffin
April 10thHoward Beaumont
May 8thDave Smith
July 10thJean Martyn ATCL LGSM
September 18thDavid Thomas
October 9thPaul Carman
February 12thJohn Cooper
March 12thMark Thompson
May 14thJohn Bowdler
August 13thElizabeth Harrison
September 10thJon Smith
October 8thChris Stanbury
November 12thPhil Brown CT FVCM HonVCM MCP MCDST
December 10thNicholas Martin B.E.M.
February 11thPete Shaw
March 10thJames Sargeant
April 14thTim Flint
June 9thJean Martyn ATCL LGSM (more details)

Mainly piano

July 14thIan Griffin
August 11thMichael Wooldridge
September 8thSteve Hubble
October 13thDirkJan Ranzijn
December 8thChris Powell (more details)

Christmas concert - ticket only