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Association of Organ Enthusiasts (AOE)

Telephone Number :  01384 274500

Email address :

Contact name :  George Ingley

Venue address : Mercure Kidderminster Hotel, Habberley Road, Bewdley, Nr Kidderminster, Worcs, DY12 1LA

About Association of Organ Enthusiasts (AOE)

Back in the early eighties a group of music lovers, some organ players, some just listeners, got together to further their common interest. Such was their enjoyment, they soon wanted to share their new found pleasures with others - the seeds for the AOE were sown.

The AOE was formed to promote fellowship amongst organ enthusiasts and membership is open to all persons wishing to support this objective.

As a member of the AOE you will receive our quarterly newsletter, 'In Harmony', become eligible to join us at our residential Members Breaks held twice a year at the Mercure Kidderminster Hotel at Bewdley (DY12 1LA) in the West Midlands and have access to AOE merchandise. Some organ societies also offer reduced concert admission charges to AOE members, but above all you will be a member of the 'AOE family' and enjoy the friendship and company of others with similar interests whilst supporting an organisation committed to promoting interest and awareness of organs and organ music.

Membership costs just £6 per year (this covers all members registered at one address) plus a once only joining fee of £3 per person registered to cover the cost of badge, membership documents and initial administration.

Whilst residential places at the Members Musical Break (end of February/early March) and at the Members Summer Special (end of June/early July) used to be available to members only, now anyone wishing come along may do so and anyone booking an event will receive complimentary membership of the Association for that year. Visitors (members or non-members) are always welcome to come in for any of the concerts or daytime sessions.

If you would like to know more, or become a member, please contact George Ingley on 01384 274500 to request further details and a membership application form.

Our Venue

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Association of Organ Enthusiasts (AOE)'s Photo Gallery

Ramada Hotel, Bewdley

Association of Organ Enthusiasts (AOE)'s Concert Diary

February 26thDavid Ingley
February 27thDavid Ingley
February 27thSteve Hubble
February 28thDavid Ingley
February 28thSteve Hubble (more details)

Informal Morning Spot

February 28thByron Jones
March 1stDavid Ingley
March 1stByron Jones (more details)

Informal Morning Spot

March 1stMike Hall (more details)

Afternoon Concert

March 1stMike Hall (more details)

Evening Concert

March 2ndDavid Ingley
March 2ndHoward Beaumont
March 2ndChris Powell
March 3rdDavid Ingley
June 25thDavid Ingley
June 26thIan Griffin
June 26thDavid Ingley
June 26thLen Rawle
June 27thRosalie Birchmore (more details)

Piano + Duets with David Ingley

June 27thDavid Ingley
June 27thLen Rawle (more details)

Afternoon Concert

June 27thIan Griffin (more details)

Informal Morning Spot

June 28thRosalie Birchmore (more details)

Morning Piano Concert

June 28thByron Jones
June 28thDavid Ingley
June 29thDavid Thomas
June 29thIan House
June 29thDavid Ingley
June 30thDavid Ingley
March 4thDavid Ingley
March 5thIan Griffin
March 5thKevin Grunill B.A. (Hons)
March 5thDavid Ingley
March 6thJean Martyn ATCL LGSM
March 6thMichael Wooldridge
March 6thIan Griffin (more details)

Informal Morning Concert

March 6thDavid Ingley
March 7thMichael Wooldridge (more details)

Informal Morning Concert

March 7thDavid Ingley
March 7thJon Smith
March 7thChiho Sunamoto
March 8thJon Smith (more details)

Informal Bar Duets with David Ingley

March 8thChiho Sunamoto (more details)

Informal Morning Concert

March 8thDavid Ingley
March 8thBrett Wales
March 8thChris Stanbury (more details)

Informal Afternoon Concert

March 9thDavid Ingley
July 8thDavid Ingley
July 9thDavid Ingley
July 9thByron Jones
July 10thDavid Ingley
July 10thPaul Carman
July 10thRosalie Birchmore (more details)

Informal Afternoon Concert

July 10thChris Powell
July 10thByron Jones (more details)

Informal Morning Concert

July 11thDavid Ingley
July 11thRosalie Birchmore (more details)

Informal Bar Duets with David Ingley

July 11thPaul Carman (more details)

Informal Morning Product Demonstration

July 11thRosalie Birchmore
July 11thKevin Morgan
July 12thDavid Ingley
July 12thDirkJan Ranzijn
July 12thKevin Morgan (more details)

Informal Bar Duets with David Ingley

July 12thNicholas Martin B.E.M.
July 13thDavid Ingley