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Bourne Organ and keyboard Club

Telephone Number :  01778 424 947

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Contact name :  John Wass

Venue address : The Corn Exchange , Bourne, PE10 9EF

About Bourne Organ and keyboard Club

Edith and Denis Neal retired after 20 years at Bourne organ club.

In the mid 1990's a group of like minded amateur organ players in the Bourne area decided they would like to get together to hear each other play music and enjoy aech others company.

There were two problems - finding a room large enough to hold up to 40 people and then transporting individual organs to the room on organ nights

Fortunately, one of the interesting people was the landlord ot the Golden Lion Bourne who had a large room at the back of the inn where he also kept his electronic organ.

He was willing for the room and his organ to be used by the group so this solved the bacis problems.

Edith Neal played a major part in getting things organised and eventually became the chair person of the club until recently handing over to John Wass.

Denis Neal is not a musican but has supported Edith all the way through and has played a very important part in running the club.

The first two or three meetings were very successful but it soon became clear, to maintain interest they should be looking to bring in some professionals from further afield to share their different skills and techniques.

This would mean that the running cost would significantly increase as the organist would have to be paid for there time.

The best optionwas to move to the Corn Exchange where there was a stage and about 200 people could be seated resulting in a increase in admission fees to help balance the books.

Denis was experienced at the business side and he dealt very well with all the details that the most people were not aware of to such an extent that the club had a healthy balance and contributed many thousands of pounds over the yearsto the Lincs. and notts. air ambluance and to many local charities.

Shortly after the club moved to the Corn Exchange i suggested to Denis that, as i had just brought a computer. I could probably create some of the publicity and other paper work which would make the club look a bit more professional.

Both Denis and Edith have always , had a good connection with the audiences and the professional artist and, i am sure, that is one of the reasons why the atmosphere has always been so friendly and welcoming.

Edith and Denis are now in there mid eighties and have reluctanly decided that the time is right to hand over the running of the club to some ofthe younger members.

They would like to thank all the many people who, over the years have helped to make the meetings run smoothly and of course, all the organist who have provided many hours of brillant entertainment.

Edith and Denis have become very friendly with many of the organist even to the extent of offering  them a bed for the night .

John Wass has taken over as chairman of the club and his wife Linda as treasurer.

Edith and Denis wish them the commitee and all the members every success  and hope that the club continues to flourish.

Edith and Denis will still be around to offer any advice but will not  be playing any part in the running of the club.

                                                                 GEOFF HARMSTON





Bourne Organ and keyboard Club's Concert Diary

February 15thMatthew Bason (more details)

start time 730pm

April 19thMark Spafford
May 17thDavid Ingley (more details)

start time 7.30pm

June 21stPhil Brown CT FVCM HonVCM MCP MCDST (more details)

start time 730pm

June 21stPhil Brown CT FVCM HonVCM MCP MCDST
July 19thIan Griffin (more details)

7.30P.M. START

August 16thLewis Scott (more details)

starts 7 30 p.m.

September 20thMark Thompson (more details)

7.30pm start

November 15thChris Powell (more details)

7.30p.m. start

December 20thElizabeth Harrison
January 17thAndrew Nix
February 21stBrett Wales (more details)

concert starts at 7 30p.m.

March 20thNicholas Martin B.E.M. (more details)


April 17thJon Smith
May 15thTony Stace
June 19thMichael Wooldridge (more details)


July 17thPhil Brown CT FVCM HonVCM MCP MCDST
August 21stIan Griffin (more details)

7 30 P.M. START

September 18thGlyn Madden (more details)

7 30 P.M. START