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Cheadle and District Organ Society

Telephone Number :  0161 4457247

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Contact name :  Derek Brittain

Venue address : Cheadle Social Club, Ashfield Crescent, Cheadle , Cheshire, SK8 1BQ

About Cheadle and District Organ Society

Hello and welcome to our website.

On Monday January 8th Ryan Edwards opened our New Year when he visited us at Cheadle once again and what a brilliant and interesting programme of music he presented us with. It really was a joy to hear his music. played so well and and in such a relaxed style.  Really a heart warming and melodic evening to start the year with and set us up for the ensuing months.

February sees a return visit of David Ingley and we look forward hearing David's tuneful and happy presentation once again on the 5th of the month when the evening will commence at 7.30pm   at Cheadle Social Club, Ashfield Crescent, Cheadle,     Stockport SK81BQ.

There are some great artistes to enjoy over the next few months and a glance at our programme below will I am sure, prove this point. If you are in the area do come along and enjoy the 'Cheadle experience', a warm welcome awaits you in  2017 and always.

 Here are a few details about our Society in case you have come upon us for the first time.

 For the last 32 years we have been presenting monthly concerts at our venue of Cheadle Social Club, but in actual fact the Society was formed in 1967 under the name of Wilmslow Hammond Organ Society but eventually change of venues necessitated a new name and committee. We have a committee of nine dedicated organ enthusiasts who meet monthly to oversee the running of the society. Our membership stands around the 120 mark and the annual membership subscription is £5.00 for which members receive a monthly chatty newsletter containing, among other things, details of future concerts. The admission fee to our normal concerts is £5.00 for members and £6.00 for visitors, which includes tea and biscuits at the interval. 

If you would like to come along to any of our concerts you will receive a warm welcome as you come through the door. Do hope we may have the pleasure of meeting and greeting you sometime.    Please note that in 2018 our concerts will begin at 7.30pm.

Derek Brittain (Chairman)

Cheadle and District Organ Society                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 latest up-date - 17th January 2018

Our Venue

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Cheadle and District Organ Society's Photo Gallery

Ian Griffin @ Cheadle Sept. 2017 Phil Brown @ Cheadle March 2017  Penny Weedon @ Cheadle August 2017 Ryan Edwards @ Cheadle January 2018 Mark Spafford @ Cheadle July 2017 John Cooper @ Cheadle October 2017 Elizabeth Harrison @ Cheadle April 2017 James Sargeant @ Cheadle November 2017 Kevin Grunill @ Cheadle May 2017 Byron Jones @ Cheadle 2017 Andrew Nix @ C.D.O.S. Christmas Concert 2017 Brett Wales @ Cheadle February 2017

Cheadle and District Organ Society's Concert Diary

January 8thRyan Edwards
January 8thRyan Edwards
February 5thDavid Ingley
March 5thNicholas Martin B.E.M.
March 5thNicholas Martin B.E.M.
April 9thKevin Grunill
May 14thDirkJan Ranzijn (more details)


June 4thChris Powell
June 4thChris Powell
July 2ndDavid Thomas
August 6thTim Flint
September 3rdChris Stanbury
September 3rdChris Stanbury
October 1stJanet Dowsett
November 5thElizabeth Harrison
November 10thElizabeth Harrison
December 10thJohn Bowdler (more details)

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