About OrganFax.

OrganFax is owned and operated by MI Media Ltd and is managed by Marie Powell and Ian House. The company was set up as an independent organisation to curate this unique resource.

OrganFax is also delighted to include John Romero as editor and Chris Powell as our ambassador.

The team

Chris Powell will doubtlessly need little introduction to most, being currently one of the most popular performers on the organ concert circuit. Raised in both the UK and also New Zealand, he served his apprenticeship playing in the World Famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom before embarking on an ever-busier career as a solo artiste. His playing schedule has taken him to Holland, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the US and he still makes a regular pilgrimage 'down-under' on a bi-annual basis to please his fans there. Chris now tours with the stunning new AT-900C multi keyboard instrument from Roland and spends much of his time working as a freelance demonstrator and product specialist for the premiere manufacturer of keyboard instruments. Together with his Wife, Marie, the couple now run a successful promotions company in Leicestershire and have one son, Thomas.

Ian House is a popular concert musician who performs extensively throughout Europe. Over a relatively short space of time he has built a strong reputation for his musical creativity and technological knowledge and now works closely with Yamaha Music as a consultant and national piano and keyboard specialist. To find out more about Ian, visit his website.

Marie Powell, who is best known as Chris's wife, is kept busy in her own right both as a mother and also as business manager and company co-director. She originally trained in Travel, Tourism and Leisure, but started her working life as a teacher for the Yamaha Music School network. A talented player in her own right, she was a heat winner in the Yamaha Electone Festival and has made occasional appearances on stage with husband Chris! Today, she prefers to engage with the computer keyboard and is kept busy running the couple's promotional business along with Organfax work, Website design and all immediate matters associated with looking after a toddler!

John Romero is well known in the world of keyboards as well as that of the piano accordion, the latter of which is his speciality. Classically trained and former winner of the British Accordion Championships, he has spent over 30 years in the entertainment business and his music has taken him to all four corners of the UK. In addition John has also spent many years delighting guests aboard a number of cruise ships with voyages around the World including the USA, the Caribbean and Mediterranean to name but a few idyllic destinations. His return to terra firma again saw him in demand as both entertainer and concert musician. His musical talents as a programmer and style writer led to the formation of 'Carillon Studios'. Together with his wife Jackie, the couple also run a successful music festival business in Eastbourne. They have two children, a daughter, Rebecca and a son, Alex.

OrganFax - The History.

Organfax was the brainchild of Margaret Falkner, the one time leading light of the successful Crawley Keyboard Club in Sussex. Her dream was to create an 'electronic' magazine and directory for enthusiasts of popular organ and keyboard music, along with a source of up to the minute news and views from the industry in real time. Within a matter of just a few months, literally dozens of players along with clubs, societies and organisations had worked with her and her husband Alan to create what was and still is the most comprehensive 'almanac' of all matters keyboard to be found anywhere on the 'world wide web'. Streamed audio, video and even radio style programmes followed quickly afterwards and it wasn't long before the site was attracting some 5000 plus hits every day.

Sadly, Margaret lost her battle with cancer in February 2007, leaving behind an amazing legacy of Internet content for which she will always be remembered for as the Organ World's Foremost 'Wizard Of The Web'.

Following Margaret's sad passing, plans were put in force for a new host and Stuart Hutton of JPW Media took hold of the reigns until his release of it to the current team.