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South Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club

Telephone Number :  01909 562639   or   07967229094

Email address :

Contact name :  Jon Smith

Venue address : The Resource Centre, 131 Laughton Road, Dinnington, S25 2PP

About South Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club

The South Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club has been running for over twenty years and during that time we have featured  nearly all the popular players on the organ club circuit. We run fortnightly concerts and are fortunate to have Jon Smith as our President who takes an active part in the running of the club and is not just there as a figurehead. In the early days we were a very bouytant club and had a membership of over a hundred but over the past five years we have found, as many other clubs have, a dramatic decline in concert attendances. Early on in 2008 we were on the verge of calling it a day but, through our hard working committee running fund raising events to cover concert losses, we were able to muddle through. There efforts were rewarded as in the later part of the year we noticed an increase in audience numbers. In early 2010 the committee decided to run Jon Smith's holiday breaks which has put the club on a  stronger financial footing and we are now hopefully looking forward to a period of stability. 

The entrance fee for Concerts is Members £5.00 and Guests £6.00.


We look forward to resuming events as soon as possible

Our Venue

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South Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club's Photo Gallery

Jean Martyn James Sargeant Andrew Nix Tony Stace Brett Wales Nicholas Martin Jon & Chiho Tim Flint DirkJan Ranzijn Alistair Kiernan Mike Hall Dave Thomas

South Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club's Concert Diary

January 7thMichael Sullivan
January 21stRyan Edwards
February 4thChris Stanbury
February 18thJohn Romero
March 3rdDirkJan Ranzijn
March 31stMark Thompson