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Norwich Electronic Organ and Keyboard Club

Telephone Number :  01603 745544

Email address :  norwichorganistsclub@talktalk.net

Contact name :  Martin Drake

Venue address : Drayton Village Hall, Pond Lane, Norwich, NR86PP

About Norwich Electronic Organ and Keyboard Club

Hi and welcome to the Norwich Organists Club, or  actually our new name THE NORWICH ELECTRONIC ORGAN & KEYBOARD CLUB. As a club we have been around for over 30 years but like a lot of clubs have had a few hard times in the past few years. However in 2010 we moved from the Royal British Legion premises to a lovely new venue at Drayton Village Hall and our numbers have been steadily increasing ever since. The hall is situated next to the Drayton Red Lion Pub on the A1067 road out of Nowich, it's about 3 miles out from Asda.

We always meet on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 7.30pm and to encourage new members we only charge £6 on the door with no additional membership fee to pay. We are a friendly bunch and just want you to come and join us for a light hearted evening of excellent music and entertainment provided by one of the many leading professional organists this country has to offer, occasionally we have organists from further afield too!  

As you will see from the list below we have some very good players lined up for you in 2014. So do come if you can, and if it's your first time please look me up (Martin, I'm the chairman) and lets have a mardle (sorry that's Norfolk for a chat).


On Tuesday June 24th Ben Scott - Hyde and his Wersi Scala electronic organ came from Windsor to entertain us. Both were resplendent in black with gold coloured accessories and matched each other very well - including the gold boots and foot pedals!! Throughout the whole evening Ben ably demonstrated just what a good partnership they have become, by putting together a varied programme of music not currently favoured by other organists, putting his own slant on some of the more popular tunes using the modern voicings available on Wersi organs and delivering an enjoyable evening of interesting music.

There were big arrangements of The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, Highland Cathedral (with very believable bagpipes at the beginning), New York, New York, C'est La Vie Parisienne; then we had Louise's Song - a lovely romantic ballad written by Ben for his partner, Romance D'Amour using only the authentic sounding Spanish guitar voice, rock 'n' roll with Lucky Lips, an atmospheric Cleopatra transporting us to Egypt, Someday my Prince Will Come (sounding like a quaking duck!), a very fast Circus Renz, an orchestral version of By the Time I Get to Phoenix and many more, finishing with a few songs from the war and a sing-a-long for an encore.

Tuesday July 29th - Chris Powell  Chris is a familiar face to our regular members and is making a very welcome return to our club. He was last with us back in November 2012 when he finished off our concert year in cracking style. Ex Blackpool ballroom, this popular international pipe and electronic organist plays a wide variety of music with an emphasis on theatre organ, all accompanied with a cheerful cheeky smile.

Do come and join us - we are very friendly, our evenings are entertaining and varied, it's well worth £6.00 and you get tea or coffee with biscuits as well!

Our Venue

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Norwich Electronic Organ and Keyboard Club's Concert Diary

January 28thTrevor Flunder
February 25thDave Smith
March 25thDaniel Watt
April 29thChris Stanbury
May 27thTony Stace (more details)

Duet Show with Andrew Nix

June 24thBen Scott-Hyde
July 29thChris Powell
August 26thRyan Edwards
September 30thKevin Grunill
October 28thBrett Wales
November 25thDirkJan Ranzijn
January 27thTrevor Flunder
February 24thDavid Ingley
March 31stAndrew Varley
April 28thSteve Hubble
May 26thNicholas Martin
June 30thChris Powell (more details)

& Brett Wales Duet Night

June 30thBrett Wales (more details)

wuth Chris Powell Duet night

July 28thChiho Sunamoto
August 25thChris Jones
September 29thJean Martyn
October 27thElizabeth Harrison
March 29thTony Stace