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Peterborough Theatre Organ Preservation Society (PTOPS)

Telephone Number :  07720 719420

Email address :

Website :

Contact name :  Paul Turner (Chairman)

Venue address : Peterbourgh Regional College, Park Crescent Campus, Peterbourgh, PE1 4DZ

About Peterborough Theatre Organ Preservation Society (PTOPS)


The story of the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. Installed in the Peterborough Regional College Hall started in the mid 1970s when a band of enthusiasts removed the organ from the Gaumont (formerly Regent) Cinema in the town of Dudley in the Midlands.
A team led by Roy Mosley spent many hours dismantling the organ into hundreds of pieces, before transporting it back to Peterborough for storage, until a suitable new home could be found for it.
The organ is a fine example of a 2/6 Model-F
(2 keyboards and 6 pipe ranks) of which only a few of the type were made. The organ was manufactured at the Wurlitzer factory in the United States before being installed in the Regent Cinema in 1928.
Under the auspices of the Peterborough Organisation an electronic organ society founded to serve the interests of organ music lovers in Peterborough and Chaired by Roy Mosley, a fund was set up to restore the organ to its former glory and to find a suitable home.
Later, when the Wurlitzer was up and running the
Peterborough Theatre Organ Preservation Society (PTOPS)
Came into being, taking over from the Peterborough Organisation.

A new committee was formed during 2009  
and our new chairman is Mr Paul Turner.

We put on theatre organ concerts on the last sunday of the month

(with the exception of December held on the 19th 2010)
from September through to March,
, doors open at 2pm the concert starts at 2.30pm,
tickets are £7.50 each for non-members or £5.00 each for members, including light refreshments,
full details can be found on our web site,

Our chairman Mr Paul Turner has just released the first ever C D recording of the Peterborough Wurlitzer Organ,

you can purchase a copy at any of our concerts or contact Paul on 07720 719420 

hope to see you at one of the concerts.


Our Venue

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