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Paul McCulloch

Telephone Number :  0151 6389658   or   07885 984790

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Address :  5 Serpentine Road,  Wallasey,  Merseyside,  L44 0AT 

About Paul

Paul McCulloch, born in wallasey Merseyside in 1965.At the age of 7 his father wanted to learn to read music and play an instrument at the age of 55. So he and his two sons went to music lessons to learn to play the organ and to read music. All progressed well but it was Paul who seemed to take to it a little quicker. A change in teachers from the age of eight sped his improvement.His teacher was Ian hamilton who was a theatre organist In Liverpool,who worked as a relief manager for the Bedford Cinema Group.One of his teachers was Roland Timms who he affectionately called Roly.

After a long period of the obligatory exams he entered and won the Young Northern Theatre Organist of the year in 1981 at the age of 15 which was held at the Three J,s Centre in Gommersal.That year Andrew Nix was a contestant, now a firm favorite to the concert goers.The next year Simon Gledhill was the winner.

At the age of sixteen he was at a crossroads, a further three years study at music college or an a apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery.The apprenticeship won the day but his playing continued in the form of concerts,social clubs,backing singers and summer seasons in Blackpool and of course his weekly lesson with Ian Hamilton.These days he runs a small building company and still finds time to play all over the country for clubs and festivals, a busy man indeed. After all these years of playing ad work, the encouragement of those close to him remains undiminished and has always been appreciated.

Over the years he has had many influences musically and has learned a great deal from listening to all types of musicians.The organists of yesteryear,Sydney Torch.Bryan Rodwell,Bill Davies and a number of modern theatre and electronic organists to.In the entertainment field of the past and present,Nat King Cole,Frank Sinatra,Count basie to name but a few.

He has a likable personality and tries to entertain by giving the audience what they want. A pleasant entertainig evening.


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April 11thSt Helens Organ Society