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Elizabeth Harrison

Telephone Number :  07814 261983 (this number is always best)   or   01254 830267

Email address :

Address :  Cuthbert Hill Farm,  Garstang Rd,  Chipping,  Preston,  Lancs,  PR3 2QJ 

About Elizabeth

My fascination with the electronic keyboard began in the 1980s when I was 9 years old, I am now 43. Monophonic instruments didn't appeal to me and I wanted an instrument that could produce chords. I also wanted to play an instrument that was the perfect combination of design, technology and functionality allowing me to fully express myself with no limits. I think this instrument sort of picked me.

I am a self-motivated individual with excellent interpersonal skills and entrepreneurial spirit. For almost 30 years I have dedicated my life toward my career as a musician. I have set myself goals, demonstrated exemplary time management, successfully controlled stressful situations and been held accountable. I have created all my own musical arrangements and have set up new venues and held music festivals for myself and other musicians to perform.

I have promoted live music through dynamic performances on stage for almost 30 years. A high quality musical output has always been paramount to me. Together with my charismatic stage presence, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and a large fanbase as a soloist. My instrument is self contained and I can perform music in the style of an orchestra or big band one minute and a pop/rock band the next. My performances, where my instrument allows the audience to see the use of both hands and both feet, break the boundaries between the different genres of music. I produce sounds of stringed instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments and much more.

Through my performances, I have brought people together who are normally in social isolation and I would now like to build on the skills I already have to offer live streamed and pre-recorded electronic concert performances from my home studio. By using innovative livestreaming technology, I want to reach out to new and existing audiences across the world and promote the instrument to younger generations who have never seen this instrument played. My aim is to promote health and wellbeing in society and to be able to offer (via digital methods) my solo performances into the safety of peoples homes. I also wish to increase positive environmental effects by remotely working from my home studio by decreasing the amount of travelling.

As a gigging musician travelling extensively throughout the UK and further afield, I am now one of the busiest performers on the live organ / keyboard concert and dance circuit.  My solo concerts are well rehearsed and I play music in a variety of genres to suit many tastes in a refreshing style, presented with my own brand of light hearted humour.  Additionally I have in excess of 20 years experience performing live electronic music for ballroom and sequence dancing. I have an impressive track record and hold notable career highlights. 2019 was the fourth consecutive year that I had the honour to be invited to play alongside The Empress Orchestra in the impressive Empress Ballroom, in The Winter Gardens, Blackpool, for The Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival. 

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Bournemouth Pavillion St Audries Organ Weeks 2020

Elizabeth's Concert Diary

Elizabeth's Festival appearances

Elizabeth will also be featured at the following festivals this year.


March 6th

   TopNote Events - Harrogate

May 4th

   St. Audries Bay

August 17th

   Music in Llandudno

September 4th

   Brett Wales Music Festivals - Cheltenham

September 20th

   St. Audries Bay

September 28th

   The Pakefield September Spectacular Festival

November 6th

   TopNote Events - Kettering

November 22nd

   The Brilliant Blackpool Deluxe Festival

Concerts in 2020
January 4thRed Rose Club Ulverston Dance
January 5thPoplar Social Club Accrington Dance
January 7thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
January 9thYork Electronic Organ & Keyboard Society
January 11thPudsey Civic Hall
January 15thBourne Organ and keyboard Club
January 15thLancastrian Theatre Organ Trust - Heritage Centre (more details)

Lunchtime concert

January 18thCummersdale
January 19thPoplar Social Club Accrington
January 25thNorwich Canary Club
January 28thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
February 1stNorthallerton Town Hall
February 2ndWigginton Village Hall
February 4thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
February 7thBolton Abbey Village Hall
February 8thNormandy Sequence Dance Club
February 15thAlton Dance
February 17thBolton - Music at Hilltops
February 22ndHarworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts
February 23rdHarworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts
February 25thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
March 1stPoplar Social Club Accrington
March 2ndSt Ambrose Leyland 2pm
March 3rdHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
March 4thAstoria Centre
March 5thAstoria Centre
March 6thBroughton Beck Mill Rooms
March 7thTop Note Harrogate
March 8thTop Note Harrogate
March 9thCairns Hotel Harrogate
March 10thBournemouth Pavilion
March 11thBournemouth Pavilion
March 13thGargrave Village Hall
March 15thMusic for the North East
March 20thAscot Organ and Keyboard Club (more details)


March 21stWincham Community Centre
March 24thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
March 27thOld Time Dancing
March 28thOld Time Dancing
March 29thOld Time Dancing
April 3rdHellesdon Village Hall
April 5thWigginton Village Hall
April 7thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
April 11thAspatria Masonic Hall Easter Dance
April 14thBideford Keyboard and Organ Club (more details)

Postponed to 2021

April 15thPlymouth Broadway Organ & Keyboard Club (more details)


April 18thNorwich Canary Club
April 19thHenley & District Theatre Organ Trust
April 21stBowness
April 24thSt Edmundsbury In Tune (more details)

Horringer Community Centre, The Street, Horringer, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5RU Mike Roberts 01359 250704.

April 25thCheltenham
April 26thMeadstead Sequence Dance Club
April 28thHornby Community Resource Centre, The Institute, Hornby, Lancaster. Dance
April 29thStockton on Forest VH Dance
May 2ndHellesdon Norwich
May 3rdStilton In Tune - Keyboard Showtime
May 4thSt Audries Organ Week
May 5thSt Audries Organ Week
May 6thSt Audries Organ Week
May 7thSt Audries Organ Week
May 8thSt Audries Organ Week
May 9thRed Rose Club Ulverston
May 14thBurntwood Music For All
May 23rdWickham Community Centre
May 27thVerwood in Tune (more details)


May 29thGreenodd Village Hall
May 31stOssett Town Hall - Northern Theatre Organ Trust
June 2ndVictoria Hall Grange
June 6thWincham Community Centre
June 8thSt Audries Dancing Party Break
June 9thSt Audries Dancing Party Break
June 10thSt Audries Dancing Party Break
June 11thSt Audries Dancing Party Break
June 12thBristol Electronic Concert
June 13thAstoria Centre
June 15thNene Valley Organ Club - Northampton (more details)

CANCELLED owing to Covid 19

June 17thWatford Organ & Keyboard Club
June 18thSussex Keyboard and Organ Club
June 25thStockport Organ & Keyboard Club (more details)


July 1stRossendale Private Engagement
July 5thWigginton Village Hall
July 6thSt Audries Bay Dancing Break
July 7thSt Audries Bay Dancing Break
July 8thSt Audries Bay Dancing Break
July 9thSt Audries Bay Dancing Break
July 10thSt Audries Bay Dancing Break
July 11thNorwich Canary Club
July 11thPeel Green - Theatre Organ Heritage Centre
July 18thRed Rose Club Ulverston
July 22ndBournemouth Pavilion
July 25thAntrobus Village Hall
August 8thWarwick Organ Event
August 10thMyerscough College
August 12thLincoln Electronic Organ and Keyboard Society
August 15thNorwich Canary Club
August 22ndCummersdale Dance
August 25thBarnsley White Rose Organ & Keyboard Society
September 2ndGuild Hall Cambridge
September 6thWigginton Village Hall
September 9thHailsham Organ Club
September 11thGargrave Village Hall
September 12thPudsey Civic Hall
September 13thConcert St James Church Leyland
September 16thBishop Monkton VH
September 19thSt Ambrose Leyland
September 20thSt Audries Organ Week
September 21stSt Audries Organ Week
September 22ndSt Audries Organ Week
September 23rdSt Audries Organ Week
September 24thSt Audries Organ Week
September 26thWizard Compton, Bristol
October 1stScunthorpe Organ Society
October 2ndTalbot Hotel Southport
October 3rdTalbot Hotel Southport
October 4thHaddenham Dance
October 5thIsle of Wight
October 6thIsle of Wight
October 7thIsle of Wight
October 8thIsle of Wight
October 9thIsle of Wight
October 10thMiddlewich Civic Centre
October 11thLouth Town Hall
October 12thBanstead Organ and Keyboard Club (more details)

cancelled due to COVID 19

October 14thSutton in Ashfield Electronic Organ Society
October 17thNorwich Canary Club
October 18thBlackpool Sequence Dance Festival Winter Gardens
October 19thBlackpool Sequence Dance Festival Winter Gardens
October 20thBlackpool Sequence Dance Festival Winter Gardens
October 23rdBethel Church Burnley Concert
October 23rdColne - Bethel Church
October 24thRed Rose Club Ulverston
October 27thLaunceston Electronic Organ Club
October 30thGreenodd Village Hall
October 31stAsfordby Village Hall Melton Mowbray
November 1stWigginton Village Hall
November 2ndCheadle and District Organ Society
November 6thBolton Abbey Village Hall
November 7thMiddlewich Civic Centre
November 8thKettering
November 9thTorquay Dance Festival
November 10thTorquay Dance Festival
November 11thTorquay Dance Festival
November 12thTorquay Dance Festival
November 13thTorquay Dance Festival
November 14thNorwich Canary Club
November 19thHarrogate Keyboard Club
November 21stAlton Dance
November 26thGainsborough Organ and Keyboard Club
November 27thGeneral Foods Club, Banbury
November 29thMeadstead Sequence Dance Club
December 5thNorwich Canary Club
December 7thFelixstowe Electronic Organ Club
December 8thWrightington Xmas Party
December 9thWorld of Music (formally North East Derbyshire Organ Society)
December 12thAspatria Masonic Hall Xmas Dance
December 13thBurtey Fen Collection
December 14thMedway Organ and Keyboard Club
December 16thPeel Green - Theatre Organ Heritage Centre
December 19thBelper & District Organ & Keyboard Club
December 20thPudsey Civic Hall
Concerts in 2021
February 27thBreakaway Dance Club Wincham
March 5thBolton Abbey Village Hall
March 28thMeadstead Sequence Dance Club
March 30thHastings & Bexhill Organ & Keyboard Society
April 2ndColchester Keyboard Concerts
April 17thBreakaway Dance Club Antrobus
April 29thKingswinford and District Organ Society
April 30thSouth Molton Organ and Keyboard Club
May 8thExeter St Thomas
May 28thTrouville Hotel Isle of Wight
May 29thTrouville Hotel Isle of Wight
May 30thTrouville Hotel Isle of Wight
May 31stTrouville Hotel Isle of Wight
June 5thBreakaway Dance Club Middlewich
June 26thSwinshead Village Hall Dance
August 3rdBexley Music Club
August 14thBreakaway Dance Club Wincham
August 17thMusical Breaks (more details)

Evening Concert, Kensington Hotel, Llandudno

August 31stNorwich Electronic Organ and Keyboard Club
September 18thBreakaway Dance Club Wincham
September 25thExeter St Thomas Dance
October 17thBlackpool Sequence Dance Festival Winter Gardens
October 18thBlackpool Sequence Dance Festival Winter Gardens
October 19thBlackpool Sequence Dance Festival Winter Gardens
October 22ndOld Time Dance Society
October 23rdOld Time Dance Society
October 24thOld Time Dance Society
October 31stMedstead Dance
November 5thBolton Abbey Village Hall
November 27thBreakaway Dance Club Wincham
December 11thNormandy Sequence Dance Club
December 18thHarworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts
December 19thHarworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts
Concerts in 2022
January 30thMedstead Dance
June 25thTitchfield Community Centre
October 22ndTitchfield Community Centre