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Andy Quin

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Address :  Camberley,  Surrey,  United Kingdom,  GU15 4LB 

About Andy

Andy Quin was born in London and began playing piano at 4 years of age and organ at 8. Having been a childhood fan of Sidney Torch, Andy began his organ playing career on the famous Christie at the Regal, Edmonton and was also mentored by Joseph Seal. Moving from London to the East Coast he then joined the Colchester Hammond Organ Society where he had the opportunity both to listen to and play alongside many of the greats of the organ world including George Blackmore, Brian Sharp, Ena Baga and Jerry Allen to name but a few. In 1971, Andy attended the Royal Albert Hall organ centenary concert and was much inspired by the improvisation of the great classical organist, Marcel Dupre. The following year Andy played in a concert on the Astra Llandudno Christie with Robinson Cleaver, where he made his first radio broadcast, and afterwards was offered a short spell of accompanying silent movie screenings on the theatre organ. 

Having played many cinema organs and given numerous concerts in the southeast and London as a child, (including the ILOMS Christie, Diss Wurlitzer and the Gaumont State Kilburn where he performed alongside Robin Richmond), Andy's focus moved more towards composing than performing. He was also becoming very interested in electronics and recording, (he turned his dad's front room into an electronic music studio with synthesizers, tape loops, an array of speakers and the linking together of two organs to make a 4-manual console!). He turned down a scholarship to the RCM and went on to study for a degree in Music and Electronics at Keele University. Andy continued his studies on classical organ as well as performing summer seasons in various hotels, clubs, pubs and holiday parks to earn money when he was a schoolboy and student. This included many seasons at the Seawick Holiday Lido Clacton, where he had the opportunity to accompany famous visiting pop acts such as the Three Degrees.

After graduating he started composing music for TV and Film and his internationally successful career as a composer really took off in 1984. Since then Andy has had very little time to persue his first love of performing although he has always kept a keen interest in organs. He has composed numerous TV and film tracks using both electronics and pipes as well as being broadcast on The Organist Entertains and playing classical organ music such as the Widor Toccata at a number of weddings!  His classical training, vast experience of composing, arranging and conducting many of the major UK orchestras, working with the world's finest musicians, a great knowledge of film and TV scoring coupled with years of experience of Jazz and improvisation give Andy a unique insight as a performer. His programmes include arrangements and improvisations on standards, Light Music, themes from the classics, musicals and film, The Great American Songbook and of course a few of his own well known compositions from some of the UK's best loved advertisements and long running TV series.

Andy is much in demand around the world for his compositional work, particularly in the US. Recently his music has featured on major productions such as Boardwalk Empire, Whoopie Goldberg's film "Moms" Mabley, Ab Fab The Movie, Supernatural and also worldwide ad campaigns such as Nike, Barbie and Mon Guerlain. His trailer to the Terrence Malick film 'To The Wonder' was a finalist in the Music and Sound Awards 2014 at The Troxy. He has composed and recorded over 80 albums for his publisher De Wolfe Music. He is also an enthusiastic educator and supporter of organ and restoration projects. He gives illustrated lectures/workshops/demonstrations to schools and Universities on aspects of film and TV music including cinema organ whenever time permits. Please contact him if you are interested in a talk or for fundraising/charity work.

A podcast of Andy's interview on BBC Radio Surrey is available here

A small selection of Andy's music for TV and film is available to listen to free here

'On a personal note I would like to add that I have been really taken with how helpful and friendly the organ world has been. Since my first expression of a desire to get back to performing I have been offered a great deal of support. From old aquaintances such as Keith Beckingham, Len Rawle and Nigel Ogden, through to more recent ones such as Richard Hills, Michael Wooldridge, Bernard Tilley, Grant Pilcher, Wayne Ivany and Marie at OrganFax. Thank you for all your advice and help!'

Andy Quin.

(Please note; At his professional studio at home, Andy is the proud owner of a pristine valve Hammond A100, Yamaha HX3, a Hauptwerk system and a small J. Oaks & Son Pipe organ, but unfortunately due to the demands of his busy recording schedule he cannot move them from the studio to provide an instrument for gigs. He is therefore only able to perform where there is an instrument available).


Andy's Photo Gallery

Andy at the Gaumont State Kilburn Wurlitzer Andy at the Folly Farm Wurlitzer Andy Regal Edmonton 1968 Andy at Guildford Cathedral Andy at the Windsor Compton

Andy's Concert Diary

Concerts in 2017
January 13th Silent Film Festival, St. Gallen Switzerland (more details)

February 26thOld Windsor Memorial Hall (more details)

2:30pm start

March 26thRye Wurlitzer (more details)

2.30pm start

March 30thBournemouth Pavilion (more details)

1.00pm start

June 14thRegent St. Cinema London (more details)

Organ Prelude to Vertigo 1.40-2.00pm

August 9thRegent St Cinema, London (more details)

Organ prologue start 1:40 pm.

September 6thRegent St. Cinema (more details)

Organ prologue start 1:40 pm.

September 9thSt Michaels church, Camberley (more details)

Heritage Concert 14:30 start.

September 13thRegent St. Cinema (more details)

organ prologue start 1:40 pm.

September 14thBournemouth Pavilion (more details)

1.00pm start

October 4thRegent St. Cinema London (more details)

Organ prologue start 1:40 pm.

November 1stRegent St. Cinema London (more details)

Organ prologue start 1:40 pm.

November 19thHenley & District Theatre Organ Trust (more details)

3.00pm Start

December 6thRegent St. Cinema London (more details)

1.40pm start

Concerts in 2018
January 31stRegent St. Cinema organ prelude (more details)

1.40pm start

February 4thHandel Organ Holy Trinity Gosport (more details)

3:30pm start

February 11thSinging Hills Wurlitzer
February 28thRegent St Cinema London (more details)

Organ prelude 1.40pm

March 17thWoking Leisure Centre
March 25thCurzon Community Cinema (more details)

Accompanying Silent Film Classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)

April 14thBeer Wurlitzer
May 10thBournemouth Pavilion (more details)

1.00pm start

May 20thOld Windsor Memorial Hall (more details)

2.30pm start

September 9thScottish Cinema Organ Trust (COS) (more details)

2.45pm start

September 18thFurness Theatre Organ Project (more details)

12.30pm start