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Chris Mannion

Telephone Number :  07973 344819   or   +44 7973 344819

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Address :  47 Peppercombe Road,  Eastbourne,  East Sussex,  BN20 8JN 

About Chris

Chris plays mainly for the residents & visitors to Eastbourne. Nothing gives him more pleasure than to have people dancing to his music and his events are always social & friendly.

 1971 - 73 ;Chris first came to Eastbourne following three very happy Summer seasons on the Ise of Mann at the Summerland . Very unfortunately this wonderful place was destroyed by fire at the cost of 52 lives. Chris was lucky to escape with his own life but lost instruments clothes & music . During the Winters of this period Chris backed artists and played for dancing at  '' Owley Wood Club '' Weaverham, nr Northwich ( his home town ) Cheshire.  Also toured with Chipperfields Circus ( in those times the circus had many animals ). A Lowery Heritage, Drums & Lead Sax was the extent of the band that he led !!

1974-95 ;The owners of Summerland ( who also owned Blackpool Tower and many Piers around the country ) ' Trust House Forte ' were keen to use rather than loose Chris and the General manager of Eastbourne Pier , Mr Norman Meadows had an idea that he thought Chris would be ideal for.  There were many visitors to Eastbourne from the North of Engand but nothing taliored to their tastes . So he coverted an elivated cafe at the end of the pier into a bar with fantastic views and called it '' Channel Bar ''. This was an unpresidented hit with the Holiday makers . It was packed to capacity nightly, Hotel owners responded by putting on 'in house '' entertainments. This didn't effect the Channel Bar unless the weather was really bad . Chris did 21 consecutive seasons . Lunchtimes and evenings , seven days a week. No mean feet !!  During the Winters of these years Chris cruised the High seas to & froing to the Canaries. Played at Belle Vue Manchester both in the bars and the Circus band at Xmas.

1996 - 97.  The Pier had changed managment and the idea of leasing the '' Channel Bar '' to an impessario was born .  This was a huge flop and the many disappoined people who centred there holidays on the Pier never returned . A great deal of dismayed guest house Owners and holidaymakers kept the letters page of the local paper very busy. The Council employed Chris to do the Eastbourne Tea dances in the Winter Gardens where he plays up to the present day.

1997 - 99. The repentant managment begged Chris to return to The Pier , He returned for  lunch-times only and played hotels at night.  ( Never having all his eggs in one basket again ).  The absent year had done mortal damage to the scene . The room had remained unused until a refurbishment this year ( 2010 ). They are hoping to let it for functions and conferences.

2000-01.  Jan, Feb & March.  Chris went to sea and played piano on the ' Black Watch' cruise of South America. Returning to Eastbourne for Hotels and Tea Dances for the rest of the year.  This has been the pattern up until the present day.

After April 16th 2011  you can hear him weekly ;     

                                                                 at the Riveara Hotel ( seafront next to the Travel Lodge ) Sunday Afernoons 13-00pm until 16-00pm Free

                                             monthly ;   .

                                                                 at the Camden Centre , Royal Tunbridge Wells on the last Thursday of each month . It costs only £2.50 incl tea and bisuits.

Eastbourne Council also book Chris for Afternoon Tea Dances at the famous Winter Gardens, these dates are listed below.

Now Autumn 2018 and the next Tea Dance is on 14th October at Herstmonseux Castle in Sussex . 2pm -5  ... £10 pp incl  refreshments and admission to the grounds . 

Chris is one of the busiest artists in Eastbourne and most nights can be found playing his Technics {KN7000 & 6000 midied to pedals} in the best local hotels and social club venues.


Chris's Concert Diary

Concerts in 2023
December 25thRiviera Hotel , Eastbourne Sussex (more details)

Xmas Lunch + dancing

December 31stRiviera Hotel , Eastbourne Sussex (more details)

Dinner + New Years Eve celebration