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Musical Museum

Telephone Number :  0208 560 8108

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Contact name :  Ginette Kentish

Venue address : Brentford Musical Museum, 399 High Street, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0DU

About Musical Museum

The Musical Museum tells the changing story of how people have captured and listened to music over the last four centuries.  From tiny music boxes to the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ in our concert hall, the collection includes an impressive array of instruments and inventions.  

The Museum also hosts a wide variety of concerts, films and dances throughout the year and has recently launched a YouTube channel featurng LIVE streamed organ concerts and videos of it's unique collection.

Musical Museum's Photo Gallery

Musical Museum's Concert Diary

January 12thChris Powell (more details)

Private party with Joanne Powell

March 4thRobert Wolfe
April 15thMichael Wooldridge (more details)


June 25thDonald MacKenzie (more details)

Short Silent Comedies

July 9thChris Powell (more details)

With Joanne Powell

August 19thRichard Hills (more details)

Cinema Organ Day

September 2ndRichard Hills
September 17thMatthew Bason
September 17thMatthew Bason (more details)

One Man Show Concert

October 7thChris McPhee
October 29thDonald MacKenzie (more details)

Halloween special, Silent Film: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with Wurlitzer accompaniment

November 13thChris Powell (more details)

Xmas concert with Joanne Powell 2.30pm

November 28thChris Powell (more details)

With Joanne Powell Xmas show 2pm

November 29thChris Powell (more details)

With Joanne Powell Xmas concert 2pm

December 5thChris Powell (more details)

Xmas show with Joanne Powell 2pm

December 16thRichard Hills
December 16thRichard Hills (more details)

Christmas Concert

July 14thChris Powell (more details)

Summer Spectacular with Joanne Powell