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Richard Ellis Hawley

Telephone Number :  07594799981

Email address :  durham_musician@yahoo.com

Website :  Facebook.com/Evenwoodkeys

Address :  63 Shirley Close,  Evenwood,  DL14 9RQ 

About Richard

Richard Ellis Hawley is a well rounded musician who has performed for various audiences across the United Kingdom and abroad. It all started about 40 years ago when he decided to teach himself to play piano. He then went on to teach himself to play the electronic organ, theatre organ, and pipe organ, along with some brass instruments. 


While at home in the UK, he has volunteered as musician entertainer for a variety of events including kid parties, weddings, and corporate events, among others. He had the ability to adapt to any environment, and collaborates with the organizers of an event to make sure his music fits in well with your special occasion. Always by his side is his partner Rowen who acts as MC and ensures everything runs smoothly. 


So whether it’s for a more formal event such as a funeral or a big office party of even a laid back chill lounge, Richard and Rowen will help make your event extra special. 


While he proud to call the UK his home, Richard has always been passionate about playing many styles of music and cultures.  This is due to the fact that he has been able to experience a variety of them while he travelled across Europe, North America and even Oceania, where he lived for many years. More specifically, in  New Zealand, before returning home to the United Kingdom a few years ago. 


Having been a Yamaha fan for many years, it should come as no surprise that he owns 2 brilliant instruments that he carries around the country to entertain crowds. He owns a Yamaha PSR-775 arranger workstation and an older Yamaha AR100 Electone that he mostly uses to record music at home. Over the last couple of years, he has intensified his online presence on YouTube and Facebook where he frequently showcases his playing in music videos and weekly livestreams.



Richard is the proud winner of the North East Keyboard Entertainer of the year for 2 years, having won the award in 2018 and 2020. He is also a member of the musicians union with public liability insurance. For many years, he has also been the resident organist at St Paul’s Cathedral in his home village of Evenwood. In 2021, he earned a recognition in piano performance from the University Of Sunderland, United Kingdom

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