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Paul Francis

Telephone Number :  023 8218 2109   or   07817 885109

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Address :  53 Heatherstone Avenue,  Dibden Purlieu,  Southampton,  SO45 4LJ 

About Paul

Paul first started playing the piano when he was about four years old.   His father was a pianist and a big fan of the organ, although he didn't play the organ himself.    So Paul was introduced to the electronic organ when he was six.   Then at 10 years old, he played his first cinema organ, a Christie at the Regal Cinema in Eastleigh (now a night-club by a different name).  

He went on to become a regular organist at Southampton Guildhall, playing the massive dual-console Compton organ for civic functions and military band concerts.   He gave three recitals on the guildhall organ.

He continued to play for organ concerts at small venues around Southampton including the Compton from the Old Astoria, Woking which was a private home installation, on an Allen "computer organ" and more recently on the Compton of the Gosport and District Organ Club.

Having moved the focus of his career, Paul has rediscovered his interest in the theatre organ and, with help from the Theatre Organ Club and the Cinema Organ Society, has begun to make a name for himself of the circuit.

Paul would be more than happy to play a concert for an electronic organ club, but an organ would need to be available as Paul does not own one himself.  He is very versatile and quick on the uptake so would not need much rehearsal time to get to know the model.

People often comment to Paul on his complete lack of any sheet music.  Although he can read music, Paul prefers to play by ear, even the classical pieces that he performs.   This way, the audience get a unique performance which comes from the heart.

His repertoire includes songs from modern and long-established musicals, pieces from every decade of the 20th century, light classical pieces, including those from operas and a number of speciality pieces including a Storm at Sea which is loosely based on that orignally played by Reginald Dixon.

Paul's Photo Gallery

Paul Francis - Old Windsor Memorial Hall taken by Wayne Ivany, Theatre Organ Club Paul Francis - Gosport And District Organ Club taken by Wayne Ivany, Theatre Organ Club Southampton Guildhall Variety Console, aged 14 Playing Digital Piano

Paul's Concert Diary

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October 6thGosport and District Organ Club