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Joanne Naulls

Telephone Number :  0142 7615 265

Email address :  Joannenaulls@talktalk.net

Website :  www.joannenaulls.co.uk

Address :  9 Morton Close,  Morton,  Gainsborough,  Lincs,  DN21 3AJ 

About Joanne

Joanne Naulls was ten years of age when she started to play the organ. Mum and Dad were organ fans and bought an old Galanti for the vast sum of £175. That was where it all began.

Mum played the chapel organ and Dad was in a brass band, but the ultimate had been achieved with the purchase of the Galanti.

Lessons by a church organist on a piano were the order of the day until an organ shop was opened in her home-town of Gainsborough. She then transferred to lessons at the shop, given by an ex theatre organist. Soon after a new organ was acquired and after a couple of years, she joined a dance band, playing of course keyboards.

After a dance at Harworth, an invitation to "have a go" on their Christie pipe organ was accepted, and thereafter,weekly trips were made to Harworth where countless hours were spent playing this super instrument. For this purpose, she was excused every Tuesday for two hours from school.

Her first public appearance on the Christie was at the age of thirteen, when Robert Wolfe invited her to play during his dance that night and then during his concert the next day. She left the dance band at the age of fourteen and started to play for dancing on her own in numerous clubs, and then concerts followed.

Upon leaving school at the age of seventeen, she turned full time professional and has never looked back. A Hammond B400 together with two Leslie 310 cabinets was purchased and it was on this organ that she performed her concerts and dances around the country for a good number of years. In time she decided to update to a Hammond SX3000 organ, with Leslie cabinets, whilst also owning a Hammond CX1, which was kept at home as it was too big to travel around the country with. It was on this instrument that she made her second recording,"Just an Old Fashioned Girl". Whilst appreciating all styles of instruments on the organ circuit, Joanne maintains a loyalty to the Hammond sound. She currently performs on a Key B Duo organ with a Ketron SD3 expander and SR Pocket 750mx speakers. The organ is often reffered to as a "Hammond Clonewheel", it being a cloned version of the Hammond B3/C3 organ. She feels that she now has the best of both worlds with the superb Hammond sound from the organ being complemented with the first class orchestral  sounds from the Ketron.

Joanne was christened the "Queen of the Hammond" by Ian Wolstenholme after being featured on his radio show.

Equally at home on either pipe or electronic instruments, a recent question was answered when she checked and found there was a total of 18 pipe organs throughout the country she had played, including the Wurlitzer in the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool.

Joanne has been a full time professional organist for over 25 years now and although is a specialist in playing for sequence dancing, where she regularly plays for the International Dance Teachers Association, there is no preference for either concerts or dances.

Joanne made her first recording on the Compton Theatre Organ at the Louth Town Hall, called "Enjoy Yourself", back in 1994. She has now made nine recordings, available on CD all recorded on various Hammond organs. These can be purchased by visiting www.joannenaulls.co.uk  She now has two recordings on her Key B Duo organ with Ketron SD3. "Key B Magic" is easy listening and the newly released "Dance With Me" is again easy listening but also, as the title suggests, played for strict tempo dancing and suitable for the sequence dance world.

With an ever increasing diary for the next three years, when not playing her time is spent teaching the organ.

Ambition?  Simply to keep entertaining people and making them happy.

Joanne's Photo Gallery

Key B Duo and Ketron SD3.

Joanne's Concert Diary

Concerts in 2016
January 2ndWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
January 3rdDrax @ night Weston rms pm
January 5thSturton le Steeple
January 10thBawtry Dance Club.
January 11thBanstead Organ and Keyboard Club
January 12thSouth Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club
February 6thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
February 7thLincoln @ night Weston rms pm
February 9thSturton le Steeple
February 10thSpouth Kelsey pm..Old Coates @ night
February 11thScartho,Grimsby
February 13thScunthorpe
February 14thDrax Sports & Social Club
February 21stELy
March 1stSturton le Steeple
March 5thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
March 6thWeston Rms Gainsborough
March 9thSouth Kelsey tea dance
March 12thOsgodby, Yorks
March 13thDrax Sports & Social Club
March 21stDerby Organ and Keyboard Club
March 22ndAshford Organ Club (Middlesex)
March 23rdBishop Monkton
March 26thCrowland
April 2ndWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
April 3rdLincoln @ night Weston rms pm
April 5thSturton le Steeple
April 11thImmingham
April 17thDrax Sports & Social Club
May 2ndBawtry Dance Club
May 3rdSturton le Steeple
May 7thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
May 8thDrax @ night Weston rms pm
May 10thEast Coast Organ Society
May 11thSouth Kelsey tea dance
May 15thLincoln Naval Club
June 4thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
June 5thLincoln @ night Weston rms pm
June 7thSturton le Steeple
June 8thSouth Kelsey tea dance
June 12thDrax Sports & Social Club
June 19thEly
July 1stScartho Dance
July 2ndWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
July 5thSturton le Steeple
July 10thDrax Sports & Social Club
July 13thSouth Kelsey tea dance
July 17thLincoln dance centre pm
July 21stSussex Keyboard and Organ Club
July 24thLincoln Naval Club
August 2ndSturton le Steeple
August 3rdWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
August 6thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
August 7thDrax @ night Weston rms pm
August 10thSouth Kelsey tea dance
August 13thWigton Market Hall
August 14thLincoln Naval Club
August 29thBawtry Dance Club
September 1stSturton le Steeple
September 4thLincoln @ night Weston rms pm
September 6thSturton le Steeple
September 9thDrax Sports & Social Club
September 11thDrax Sports & Social Club
September 14thSouth Kelsey tea dance
September 16thLincoln Naval Club
October 1stWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
October 2ndWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
October 4thSturton le Steeple
October 12thSouth Kelsey tea dance
October 13thLlandudno
October 19thMarket Rasen Dance Club
November 5thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
November 6thLincoln @ night Weston rms pm
November 9thSouth Kelsey tea dance
November 13thDrax Sports & Social Club
November 16thScartho Dance
November 27thWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
December 3rdWeston Rms Gainsboro pm & Drax @ night
December 4thDrax @ night Weston rms pm
December 6thSturton le Steeple
December 10thOsgodby, Yorks
December 14thSouth Kelsey tea dance
December 31stMorton Village Hall