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Gary Cole

Telephone Number :  00000000000   or   07850 569884

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Website :!blank/c1cim

Address :  East,  Riding,  Of Yorkshire ,  Hu18 

About Gary

Born in South Yorkshire. He has been playing the organ since the tender age of 6.

After 4 years of lessons from the beginning of 1975 to 1978 at Fox's in Doncaster took his first playing job in 1982 in clubland for dances two weeks before leaving school in and around the Doncaster & Barnsley area.

Throughout his 36 years organ career so far he's played for hundreds of dances including sequence dance festivals and large events, also for a number of years worked with Your's Magazine  playing at their YourLive roadshow events at the various Butlins Camps, also did a special big band track  for the Howard Leader show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

In his early career, most clubs had their own organs mostly Hammond C3 or A100 type older models but had always had lessons and owned new organs mainly Technics at the time. Finding that the big innovation into keyboards became easier and more user-friendly when transporting was the way to go.

He currently plays the ever popular Tyros 4 & PSR 950s.

Having a keen ear for sound & tempo as he & his wife are both dance teachers, prides himself on the fact that strict tempo and timing are key to good dance music and has been complimented on this time & time again and so has become one of the busiest dance organists on the circuit'

His latest Cd   "Tenderly"  is out NOW. It Can Be Purchased through the website above for any questions on it or to book him.


He hopes to see you soon at your dance.

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Gary's Photo Gallery

Latest Cd    Memorial hall. Cleethorpes.

Gary's Concert Diary

Concerts in 2018
October 31stWestbury labour Club
November 4thMemorial Hall. Cleethorpes
November 10thMemorial hall, Cleethorpes
November 11thPensioners Hall. Skegness
November 18thcarterton sports & social
November 25thFestival hall, Market Rasen
December 1stMarist Hall
December 2ndMemorial hall, Cleethorpes
December 8thMemorial hall, Cleethorpes
December 13thCastle Camps Village Hall
December 15thMarist hall. Hull
December 16tharmstrongs social club
December 17thnewton hall sheffield
December 19thGuild hall. Cambridge
December 23rdEuphoria dance studio
December 24thSacred Heart Hall
December 25thPensioners Hall. Skegness (more details)

Xmas morning FREE 11am till 1pm

Concerts in 2019
January 12thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
January 13thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

January 27thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
February 3rdMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
February 9thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
February 10thFestival Hall, Market Rasen (more details)

tea dance

February 16thHiam sports and social
February 23rdMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
February 24thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

March 3rdCottingham Civic (more details)

tea dance

March 9thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
March 10thParklands Club. Doncaster
March 13thWestbury labour club
March 16thPrattens
March 23rdMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
March 24thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

April 7thHiam sports and social
April 14thCottingham Civic (more details)

tea dance

April 28thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
May 4thCairn Hotel, Harrogate
May 11thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
May 12thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

May 18thHiam sports and social
June 2ndCottingham Civic (more details)

tea dance

June 8thWestbury labour Club
June 9thPaulton Rovers
June 16thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
June 22ndMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
June 23rdParklands Club. Doncaster
July 6thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
July 7thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

July 14thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes (more details)

tea dance

July 21stFestival Hall, Market Rasen (more details)

tea dance

July 27thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
July 28thCottingham Civic
August 4thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
August 10thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
August 11thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

August 17thHiam sports and social
August 23rdTrowbridge
August 25thPaulton Rovers
August 28thWestbury labour club
September 1stMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes (more details)

tea dance

September 8thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
September 21stPrattens
September 28thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
September 29thParklands Club. Doncaster
October 5thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
October 6thCottingham Civic (more details)

tea dance

October 13thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes (more details)

tea dance

October 19thCastle Camps
October 20thFestival Hall, Market Rasen (more details)

tea dance

October 26thSavoy Hotel, Skegness
October 27thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

tea dance

November 3rdHiam sports and social
November 6thWestbury labour club
November 9thWest camel
November 10thPaulton Rovers
November 16thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
November 17thParklands Club. Doncaster (more details)

tea dance

November 24thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
December 1stCottingham Civic (more details)

tea dance

December 7thMemorial Hall, Cleethorpes
December 8thBury St Edmunds
December 12thCastle Camps
December 15thParklands Club. Doncaster
December 25thPensioners Hall, Skegness (more details)

11am-1pm FREE

Concerts in 2020
February 19thwestbury social club
April 10thWesley Rd club
April 11thwestbury social club
May 14thCastle camps
May 27thwestbury social club
July 4thNorwich Charity Dancers
July 8thwestbury social club
November 13thWesley Rd club
November 18thwestbury social club