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Daniel Watt FLCM

Telephone Number :  01604 761 504   or    07973 423665

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Address :  79 Winchester Road,  Delapre,  Northampton,  Northants,  NN4 8AZ 

About Daniel

Daniel started organ lessons when he was just 8 years old and, the age of 12, began playing in public all over Northamptonshire helping to raise money first of all for his local school and then several local charities including the "Northamptonshire Guide Dogs For The Blind", and at that time "The Falkland War Veterans Association" for whom he helped to raise over £3000 in a series of charity concerts with other local performers.

At the age of 16 Daniel left school and turned professional forming a trio with a drummer and a singer who when Daniel turned 20 decided to retire which left the duo, which toured local clubs playing for dances until Daniel started to appear as a solo act which he still does today in clubs and dance halls all over the country.Daniel was then booked by Sceptre promotions, which produce the 3 largest Keyboard Festivals in the UK at Pakefield & Blackpool, and has since joined the team and now helps to organize their Stage Management and Sound Levels. 

As well as performing in concert & playing for dancing at the festivals for the last few years Daniel has done a series of morning teaching sessions on the uses of "Computers in music" showing people how to create their own big arrangements  and program drums to fit there specific songs in the home and has now moved on to doing musical teaching sessions regarding “Big Band Left Hand & Pedal Techniques” which are available as Audio CD’s.

He also became involved in the running of the Barton Hall Festival in Torquay during its last few years performing there and also doing the stage / sound management & the Lyme Bay Keyboard Festival for it’s first 2 years. When they were first launched the very first range of organs, Roland asked Daniel to demonstrate their new range of Atelier organs unfortunately due to other commitments he was unable to complete the offer. But he has had past associations with Hammond, Godwin Casio and Wersi for whom he became an agent in the UK for their latest OAS range of instruments until 2006 when a new importer was found, he also has a full range of sound software as well as a brand new teaching CD set called "Getting To Know Version 6" & an additional CD covering the changes made in “Version 7”which is available from him direct.

By the time Daniel was 25 he had his own recording studio and has so far produced 14 of his own CD’s. The first was 'Spanish Garden' and that was followed by “Reality”,“Anything Goes”, “Isle of Dreams”, his first dance CD “Stranger In Paradise”,“Adagio”, “Morning In Cornwall”, his second dance CD “Ice Castles”,“Somewhere” and “Games That Lovers Play” (which is a tribute album to the sound of James Last). Daniel's latest recordings, all use the OAS EX1 Expander with his beloved Wersi Spectra and are 'Pavane' 'Aquarius' and the newly released “California Dreaming” which was released in conjunction with his latest dance CD “Let’s Dance” in January 2007 & with a new CD “Elan” to be released in early 2008 the recordings continue. As well as his own CDs Daniel has been included on both “Key Sensations Volume 1 & 2” CDs, which are, compilations produced in Germany by Manual Music of all the top European organists. Through his recording studio & label of Delapre Studios, Daniel has produced CDs for many of the other top organists on the scene today including Peter Hayward  (producing all his CD’s since 1999), Penny Weedon, Richard Bower, M2 (A Female Dutch Organ Duo), the late Margaret Mason, Michael Brent, Ian Griffin & Esquin Rijnaard to name but a few of his many clients.

Daniel also took time from his busy schedule to compose several pieces of music, the first being 'Spanish Garden' and others including 'Coming Home', 'Isle of Dreams', 'Storm' and 'Miss You Always' which he says is dedicated "To the only woman in the world patient enough to put up with me". 

From the age of 16 to 36 Daniel has also been lucky enough to share the stage with many of the big names in the organ world such as Mark Shakespeare, Franz Lambert, Curt Prina, Mark Whale, Claudia Hirschfeld, Hady Wolf, Tony Fenelon, Hector Olivera, Brian Sharp, as well as “American Artists” such as Seth Rye, Tommy Johnson, Steve Eaklor, Choy Lozada, Hal Vincent, O’lyn Callahan,  Bill Horn and many more as well as playing around the world in France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Canada, Holland, and America at Bill Horn's Music Festival in York Pennsylvania USA.

He now makes regular trips to the United States playing in concert and teaching & over the past 5 years has made 22 trips to the USA visiting cities like Tampa, Washington, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Monterey, Carmel, & San Francisco, and has performed at Bill Horn's Music Festival in Lancaster Pennsylvania 3 times over this time, last year as part of a two week tour of the USA when he also worked for Ralph Conti the Wersi importer in the US for the second time performing Mini Concerts & Workshops.

Daniel's Concert Diary

Daniel's Festival appearances

Daniel will also be featured at the following festivals this year.


April 1st

   Keyboard Cavalcade Spring Spectacular

May 12th

   Keyboard Cavalcade Blackpool Extravaganza

Concerts in 2018
January 6thCanary Club Norwich
January 14thThe Pavillion Nuneaton
January 15thNene Valley Organ Club - Northampton
January 19thKent Piano Expo (Yamaha)
January 20thKent Piano Expo (Yamaha)
January 21stKent Piano Expo (Yamaha)
January 24thLlay Organ Society
February 4thPaulton Rovers, Paulton
February 24thCanary Club Norwich
March 3rdPrattens Social Club
March 11thMusic for the North East
March 23rdMusic & Mirth Weekend Skegness
March 24thMusic & Mirth Weekend Skegness
March 25thMusic & Mirth Weekend Skegness
April 11thHailsham Organ Club
April 15thThe Pavillion Nuneaton
April 16thOKC Seacroft Spring Festival
April 17thOKC Seacroft Spring Festival
April 18thOKC Seacroft Spring Festival
April 19thOKC Seacroft Spring Festival
April 20thOKC Seacroft Spring Festival
April 21stOKC Seacroft Spring Festival
April 22ndParkway Club Peterborough
April 28thCanary Club Norwich
May 12thWestbury Labour Club
May 13thOKC Blackpool Festival
May 14thOKC Blackpool Festival
May 15thOKC Blackpool Festival
May 16thOKC Blackpool Festival
May 17thOKC Blackpool Festival
May 27thParkway Club Peterborough
June 2ndCanary Club Norwich
June 10thRutland Organ and Keyboard Music Club
June 20thWestbury Labour Club
June 24thPaulton Rovers
June 28thMayors Parlour Wolverhampton
July 15thThe Pavillion Nuneaton
August 4thCanary Club Norwich
August 5thParkway Club Peterborough
September 8thCanary Club Norwich
September 10thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 11thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 12thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 13thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 14thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 15thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 16thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 17thOKC Seacroft Festival
September 23rdPaulton Rovers
October 6thCanary Club
November 9thYamaha Club Weekend Hellidon Lakes
November 10thYamaha Club Weekend Hellidon Lakes
November 11thYamaha Club Weekend Hellidon Lakes
November 12thYamaha Club Weekend Hellidon Lakes
November 24thCanary Club Norwich
December 5thFaversham Organ & Keyboard Concerts
December 8thWestbury Labour Club
Concerts in 2019
January 8thEastbourne Piano and Keyboard Club
January 14thFelixstowe Electronic Organ Club
January 19thKent International Music Show
January 20thKent International Music Show
January 26thCanary Club
February 12thBlackpool Keyboard Club
February 22ndCrawley Keyboard Club
March 11thTyros Owners Club Rimmers Bolton - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
March 12thSeminar Training - Yamaha Europe GmbH (UK)
March 13thSeminar Training - Yamaha Europe GmbH (UK)
March 14thSeminar Training - Yamaha Europe GmbH (UK)
March 23rdCanary Club
March 26thNorwich Electronic Organ and Keyboard Club
April 1stSeacroft Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
April 2ndSeacroft Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
April 3rdSeacroft Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
April 4thSeacroft Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
April 5thSeacroft Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
April 12thMusic & Mirth Festival - Skegness
April 13thMusic & Mirth Festival - Skegness
April 14thMusic & Mirth Festival - Skegness
April 15thNene Valley Organ Club - Cameras
May 4thCanary Club
May 12thBlackpool Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
May 13thBlackpool Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
May 14thBlackpool Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
May 15thBlackpool Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
May 16thBlackpool Festival OKC - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
May 26thThe Pavillion Nuneaton
May 29thThe Paragon Room - Westbury Labour Club
June 13thSleaford Organ Club
June 15thCanary Club Norwich
June 25thSouth Yorkshire Keyboard and Organ Club
June 29thKeyboard Workshop Wellington Shropshire - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
July 9thLowestoft and District Organ and Keyboard Club
July 22ndLeyland In Tune
July 27thCanary Club - Norwich
August 5thNuneaton and District Organ Society
August 7ththe Paragon Room - Westbury Labour Club
September 7thSunday Showtime, Live Music at Swineshead Village Hall (more details)


September 15thRoyal Hotel - Great Yarmouth
September 16thSt Audries Bay Festival
September 17thSt Audries Bay Festival
September 26thCanary Club - Norwich
September 29thParway Club - Peterborough
October 7thCheadle and District Organ Society
October 25thYamaha Club Weekend - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
October 26thYamaha Club Weekend - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
October 27thYamaha Club Weekend - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
October 28thYamaha Club Weekend - Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)
October 29thOrpington Keyboard Club
October 30thLlay Organ Society
December 4thThe Paragon Room - Westbury Labour Club
December 14thCanary Club - Norwich
December 15thThe Pavillion - Stockingford
December 22ndParkway Club - Peterborough
Concerts in 2020
January 11thThe Paragon Room - Westbury Labour Club
February 18thBedworth Organ Society
July 1stGrimsby Keyboard & Electronic Organ Club
July 15thThe Paragon Room - Westbury Labour Club
September 1stBexley Music Club