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Adrian Rose

Telephone Number :  01704 563234   or   07813 472919

Email address :

Address :  43 Dinorwic Road,  Birkdale,  Southport,  PR8 4DL 

About Adrian

Adrian has been on the organ scene for many years now,mostly as Chairman of Southport  Organ Club.

I played a concert in 1985 for Ipswich organ club and it promptly closed!

I have been a semi pro musician in bands since i was 14 (40 years ago)and always opted to play with other musicians rather than being a solo performer.

To that end i have played many up market venues and the likes of Brittany Ferries!

I have had many comments about being on the circuit,so due to a change in work commitments i have decided to take the plunge.

The instrument i will be using is a Yamaha EL500 and a Tyros 1.

These will be used in their own right  seperate and together and also to control the Paramount organ works Wurlitzer.

I am really a Hammond man at heart so i may bring along a Hammond Keyboard and a small Leslie speaker.

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Adrian's Concert Diary

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