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Andy Quin Classical Single - Two Toccatas for Piano

Posted: Monday 16th June

To celebrate fifty years of music making, film and TV composer Andy Quin is releasing his first ever classical piano single entitled Two Toccatas for Piano. These beautiful solo piano compositions will appeal to all fans of classical piano music and evoke influences from Bach and baroque through romantic Rachmaninov to delightful Debussy.

Toccata No.1 was written whilst Andy was still a schoolboy and was originally composed for organ. At one level the piece is a simple expression of the joy of being able to hear, however at the time it was written, the composer was very interested in sound reflections, and the way in which sound vibrations are modified into the perception of music by the ear and brain . Thus Toccata starts with a right hand motif exactly mirrored in the left hand, but as the music progresses, the right hand pattern remains broadly the same representing the external sound, whilst the left hand gradually modifies representing the human perception of music.

Toccata No. 2 although based upon an intricate two-handed motif, extends the Toccata idea with improvisation-like passages and a far broader harmonic language than No. 1. The Baroque influence gives way to the late romantic and impressionistic episodes as the piece progresses.

The sound of Andy's beautiful, emotive piano can now be heard on film and TV productions throughout the world. With over a thousand published tracks and thousands of broadcasts globally each year, you may not have heard of his name, but you will almost certainly have heard Andy's music wherever you are in the world.

To find out more visit his OrganFax Page

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