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45 Years At Colchester

Posted: Tuesday 27th May

45 Years At Colcherster

Dirk and Brett were on fine form to at Colchester organ society’s recent concert to celebrate 45 years of providing entertainment. Founder member and now president/P.R.O-Alan Pilgrim introduced the artistes and started off the afternoon with his own inimitable style. Brett was `on` first-a great musician and his `droll` vocal approach was, as ever ,in evidence! “I`m gonna play the first half, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dirk is doin` the second and then we’re both playin` for the third!??” Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

He played his Russian medley(Russian, not rushin`-he informed us!) segueing neatly into the delicate `Intermezzo` from Cavaleria Rusticana. `Falsom prison blues` followed, then into a big band version of `intermission riff`.` `Bye bye blues` gave him the opportunity to show off the great `doos and dahs` sound of the instrument (tune made famous by Bert Kaemfert.) His chat contained information about the latest addition to his family a gir,l born last Sunday (and he bemoaned the fact that he was the only male in the family, telling us that even the cat was a girl!!) and he continued with a song for her `it’s a kinda magic.` We were then treated to `the duelling banjos`, followed swiftly by ` let me try again` (he had desperately wanted a boy this time - was it a plea to his wife?)` The wonder of you` and up to the `refreshments interval` with John Miles’s `music.`

Tea and cake, for this auspicious occasion, were provided free of charge. When we were all refreshed, it was time for Alan to introduce Dirk.

This cheery and talented Dutchman is well liked in the organ world and he was up to his usual high standards in all areas (complete with his want - getting the wrong English word translation for an analogy - the audience love it!) He started with a selection from `West side story` and then into the `miracle song (Sedaka) The `merry widow waltz` had everyone rocking side to side (encouraged by Dirk from the organ) this progressed into `the loveliest time of the year` he then told us of his mother’s great love (she was present, but speaks little English) of Yodelling music (`tongue in cheek`, he informed us, doing a theatrical aside - “I can`t stick it!”) and proceeded to play an Austrian yodelling song! (Amore mo)

He had our feet a tappin` with his `rock`n` roll medley and we willingly did actions the for `YMCA.` `Music(J Miles-with a completely different treatment from the earlier version presented by Brett) `Bohemian Rhapsody, Jesus Christ – Superstar, Pirates of the Caribbean, concluding with a `Swiss thigh tapping` tune. We girls had little energy left but he invited us to do the `Can Can!` Sousa was then in evidence followed closely by `we are the champions`(Queen) – this brought us up to the second interval and the raffle.

On the third `half`-Dirk and Brett played together-starting with the Conquest of paradise/the wind beneath my wings/what`s new/all of me-coming back on stage,after numerous calls for `El cumbanchero` as an encore. A wonderful and memorable afternoon-further reminding us all of Colchester organ society’s massive input over the interim years.

Jennifer Kersey.

View the show video here

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