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Another Cancellation...

Posted: Friday 18th January

This just in from Aldermaston Concert Centre. Unfortunately DirkJan Ranzijn was due to sail to Harwich tomorrow morning for his concert with us on Sunday afternoon. He had to commit tonight whether to keep or cancel his ferry crossing. Dirk & the club have come to a mutual decision between them that the show should be cancelled.

Dirk writes:

'Good morning everyone. I still feel awfull that I had to cancel the Aldermaston, Redditch and Byron Jones Torquay concerts. Believe me, I don't cancel concerts just for the sake of it. The weather over there is horrible and I just can not put my car, my instrument and myself at risk. I hope commitees do understand and respect my decision. I think I have proved that I am very reliable over all those years and don't cancel concerts for the sake of it. Wishing everyone a great weekend.'

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