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Take Care Of Your Computer!

Posted: Thursday 23rd August

Take Care Of Your Computer!

We have been contacted over the past several weeks by several of our readers who have had similar problems when using their computers. Firstly though please be aware that there is no problem with OrganFax or any of its pages and we have added the following item to help, should you encounter the problem.

Those that have contacted us usually notice they have a problem when webpages have links or hover links with certain spam advertisements and information in a pop up window. In the cases we have come across it is Malware buried in the readers web browser on their computer. In all cases we are aware of, it is not fatal to your machine, its just very aggravating! 

Firstly we HIGHLY recommend that all users make sure they have effective, up to date, virus protection their computers. This having been said it is not always going to stop a Malware problem. We have also had one of our own computers infected. The problem often (but not always) lies in popup boxes and it is easy to click a link you think is safe and find this has caused the Malware to install itself on your machine.

The owners behind Text Enhance generate income by providing advertisement services this way as well as selling personal information. So how do you get rid of it? Well every situation can be different but please follow this link for instructions. So far it seems the best place to go for a full explanation which even includes videos and detailed instructions to remove the problem. We hope this helps.

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