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Roland V-Piano Premiere

Posted: Thursday 12th February

Witness the next revolution in Roland technology at the Arnolfini Theatre Bristol on Wednesday March 4th at 11:00am. The AT-900C Atelier Organ will also feature alongside the stunning new V-Piano and will be played by Roland's leading European organist, Ralph Schink.

Throw away all preconceived ideas of what a digital piano was and is. This instrument changes eveything. Equipped with groundbreaking sound engine technology for the most accurate authentic piano sounds ever constructed, plus unprecedented piano sound design capability, the V-Piano is poised to carve its own niche in digital piano history.

Unlike previous loop-based sampling, the V-Piano reproduces the complex resonances of acoustic pianos, as well as the subtle modulations generated by touch. Players will experience new, smooth transitions between fortissimo and pianissimo without staggering. Its new keyboard sensors not only support high repetition, but also reproduce the tonal fluctuations caused by differences in stroke acceleration patterns. The V-Piano enables performances previously possible only with software synthesizers.

The V-Piano’s sounds include both “Vintage” and “Vanguard” pianos. The vintage tones faithfully reproduce the sound of contemporary pianos and famous vintage pianos, while the vanguard tones allow users to create never-before-heard tones, going beyond previous physical restrictions of acoustic pianos related to the type and number of strings.

The versatile V-Piano offers an entirely new digital piano experience for stage performers, studio musicians, teachers, composers and beyond.

In addition to being one of the first in the UK to experience the V-Piano, this event is also your chance to discover how many of the recent advances in Roland technology have been employed in the new Music Atelier, a range of instruments that blend today’s sounds and rhythms with the timeless design and playability of the organ.

To reserve your ticket, please contact Lisa Lewis on 01792 702701 or at

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