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Important Safety Announcement For Korg PA3X

Posted: Tuesday 1st May

Important Safety Announcement For Korg PA3X

We have been aware of a safety issue with the Korg PA3X for a little while and are pleased to say that after investigation Korg have taken appropriate action and released the following information.

Pa3X: “Repair Action” required in response to a “Customer Safety Notice”

We have discovered an unusual problem affecting a very small number of the batteries in both models (76 key and 61 key) of the Pa3X which requires these batteries to be replaced. In certain very extreme conditions, the faulty battery pack may not be protected against accidental short circuits, leading to possible extensive damage to the Pa3X and maybe even surrounding areas.

Because the vast majority of batteries are okay, and because the circumstances required to cause the problem are so extreme, our regular QC tests and outside certification companies never discovered this problem until early April, 2012.

Unfortunately, we have no way of tracing which Pa3X have the faulty batteries and so for precautionary reasons we require that all batteries for units manufactured before April 2012 must be replaced.

Serial numbers of the affected Pa3X: Please check only the last FOUR (4) digits of the serial number on the back panel of the Pa3X. These are the Pa3X produced before April 2012. The list of serial numbers of Pa3X that are okay is at the end of this message.

Serial numbers on the Pa3X are longer than 4 digits but it is only the last four digits that matter.

Any Pa3X corrected at the factory, your local Korg distributor or Pa3X dealer will have a sticker affixed indicating the correct battery is fitted.

Fortunately, changing the battery is easy to do. The Pa3X was designed so that users could easily replace batteries anytime themselves and the instructions on how to do this are on page 266 of the owner’s manual and also included in the new Battery pack.

The battery can be changed by you. However because this is done at your own risk, if you feel uncomfortable or nervous about changing the battery, it can be changed by your Korg Pa3X dealer or authorised service centre.

We will be despatching replacement batteries to all Korg distributors in mid May. Until the replacement batteries are available, we strongly recommend that you remove the existing battery from your Pa3X because its main purpose is to speed up the start time. The battery does not affect any other aspect of the performance of the keyboard. With the battery, the Pa3X starts in under a minute. Without the battery start‐up time is between 2 and 3 minutes depending upon the amount of USER PCM installed. So you can keep performing with and using your Pa3X without the battery.

We need ALL replaced batteries returned. So if your dealer or distributor supplies a battery to you, they will ask you to return the replaced battery. (If they replace them in the store or at our authorized service centers, this process will be even easier and quicker.)

What you should do:

1. Remove the battery from your Pa3X according to the instructions on page 266 of your owners’ manual.

2. Ensure you have the serial number of your Pa3X.

3. Contact customer service at either the dealer who sold you your Pa3X or your local Korg distributor. If you do not know who your distributor is, please refer to:

4. Your distributor may have a notice on their website explaining what to do to exchange the battery in your Pa3X, so check their website first.

5. Arrange with your distributor how to exchange the battery for your Pa3X.

6. Please remember to return the old Pa3X battery to your dealer or Korg distributor (whoever suppled you with the new battery).

We apologise sincerely wish for all the inconvenience that this will cause you but wish to assure you that the likelihood of any users experiencing a problem is extremely remote.


The above release can be found here on the Korg website

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