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News From Alastair Kiernan

Posted: Thursday 29th March

News From Alastair Kiernan...

Some of you may be aware that Alastair Kiernan has now stopped playing on the UK electronic organ circuit.  Contrary to rumours about Alastair's health, he is absolutely fine. After taking on just simply too much, not only on the organ circuit with some 50+ shows a year, a full time job in the aviation business, his own property business and family commitments, something had to give.  Alastair decided in September 2011 to take a step back from the electronic organ world, taking a Yamaha HX1 and Tyros II around the country was just too much along with the travel and everything else in his life. It was time to take a step back.
Alastair is however continuing to perform on the theatre / pipe organ circuit and will still be playing at a variety of venues in the months to come as well as continuing to take bookings for these societies and clubs.  Alastair said, "To give up completey would just be too hard to a wrench after almost 25 years in the organ world".  "I will greatly miss the electronic clubs and societies, I have had a super time and met some fantastic people and have some wonderful memories".  "I hope to see you again sometime soon".
Details of Alastairs forthcoming shows will be listed in the Organfax Players Directory.

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