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Shopping To Live Music In Orpington!

Posted: Monday 5th December

Shopping To Live Music In Orpinton!

Friday 18th November was the BBC's "CHILDREN IN NEED" day and the entrance foyer' of TESCO in Orpington, was the place to be!

John Sisley entertained the unsuspecting Friday shoppers, whilst making their way up (and down) the travelators, to do their weekly shopping. John played his own double keyboards and was assisted by Cyril Lucas who are both members of the Orpington Organ & Keyboard Club.

The "event" lasted most of the day to the delight (well most of them!) of passers-by who joined in with some of the songs and dances.

John said "Well, I hope this will put us on the Orpington "Pudsey" map and encourage everyone of all age groups, to come and contribute to this very worthy cause."

At the end of the day, their event raised £538.50, which was quite an achievement!

John wishes to thank all who assisted in the "event", including his nephew Mike and disabled partner Judith, with special thanks to the "Community Champion", Mrs. Belinda Mathews, for making the facility in Tesco's available. Also to his wife Ann for the help and support she has given him.

On behalf of OrganFax, well done folks, lots of money raised and hopefully some interest for the club too!

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