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Using A Computer And MIDI With Your Electone

Posted: Wednesday 9th February

More and more Electone owners are using computers these days and many want to know more about using a computer for various music functions, particularly with the Electone.

Mike Perryman’s book will fully explain MIDI in an easy-to-understand way and show you how you can use it to advantage with your Electone. He will also introduce you to various music applications, such as sequencing programs to record your performances and play them back. He will also show you how to use utility programs that will enable you to do things you have never dreamt of doing with the Electone before; for example:

·         How to create an Electone disk library on your computer - and use only one floppy disk for all of your registrations!

·         How to create a Registrations library on your computer - and don't use floppy disks at all to input registrations to the Electone!

·         How to convert Electone performances into MIDI files - and play them back on any MIDI device, including your computer.

·         How to record a performance on the Electone - and then print out the music score!

This is unique for EL owners and includes methods to create an EL library and how to make a catologue system for new registrations etc.

Many of these programs and utilities are freely available - that's right, you will not have to pay for them!  Some programs are commercially available and, of course, you will have to pay for them. Mike will show you these and many other goodies that you can use to open up a whole new world of music using the computer - and the Electone!

“Using a Computer and MIDI with your Electone” is available as a pdf download for just 10 Euros. Secure payment with PayPal.

Anyone interested should send an e-mail to

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