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Yamaha EL User Guides...

Posted: Tuesday 8th February

The Yamaha EL range of Electones proved to be way ahead of their time.  Many were sold with both professional and amateur satisfied owners.  Now,some years later, these instruments remain popular and are frequently heard in concert.  A club, called the EL club, was formed, by Mike Perryman, which offered members a regular magazine and "Soundsoft" Software.

With his technical background ,in computers and MIDI, Mike very quickly became a leading name for both EL and later AR organs.  He spent many months writing his User Guides.  There are three different versions covering the EL 40/60, EL 70/90 and EL 500/700/900 instruments, respectively.  The User Guides are in A4 format and contain hundreds of pages of useful information and tips.  Everything is explained very logically and there is a comprehensive index which enables information to be quickly found.

These Users Manuals are not meant to replace, or duplicate, the Yamaha Owners booklet but to compliment it.  There is so much in Mike's Guides that cannot be found in the basic Yamaha manual.

Unfortunately Mike's User Guides are now out of print but he has agreed to make them available as pdf Internet downloads.  The User Guides can be printed or kept on computer, or CD, as an electronic version.  Printed versions can be comb-bound at a local stationery shop for a couple of pounds.

The EL 40/60, EL 70/90 and the EL 500/700/900 versions will cost just 10 Euros each.  Payment can be made using the secure PayPal method.  Contact mike at 

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