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Name Wanted For 'Brand X' Organ...

Posted: Thursday 15th April

Ian Griffin, the designer of the so called 'BRAND X' electronic organ, said that he must give the instrument he built a suitable name.  He has therefore come up with the idea of having suggestions from organ-keyboard enthusiasts.    Ian thinks that an ideal time to evaluate any suggested names would be at the Keyboard Cavalcade festival at Pontin's Pakefield (April 19th - 26th). 

Although the instrument is currently based of two Ketron keyboards, the design caters for combinations of other makes.   The name should therefore reflect on the versatility of the innovative organ, which also allows for a choice of bass pedals.

Ian is very much aware how imaginative enthusiasts can be when it comes to thinking about a suitable name.   If several come up with the same name it could certainly be an influencing factor.

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Time to get our thinking caps on!

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