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Tyros 3 Expands!

Posted: Monday 20th July

Tyros 3 Expands!

Great news for Yamaha Tyros3 owners as Yamaha announce the imminent launch of exciting new “Premium Content” for this popular instrument…

Yamaha's R&D team have been busy working on a whole bunch of new sounds, samples, styles and much more to create a series of expansion downloads which will shortly be available to Tyros3 owners.

The first of these is a Super Articulation 2 Trombone voice. This utilizes the same ground-breaking SA2 technology first seen in the Tyros3's in-built Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Harmonica and Irish Pipe voices. The instrument intuitively adds the natural bends, glides, slides and glissandos that you would hear when listening to a real trombonist's performance - for a sound that is simply unbelievably real. Suitable for many styles of music, from the gorgeous jazz sounds of Don Lusher and George Chisholm, through to marching band repertoire, this new SA2 Trombone voice will undoubtedly prove to be a useful and valuable addition to your Tyros3 tone palette. The voice comes complete with its own “Mini Regi-Stick” set of registration memories, allowing for instant setup in a variety of musical moods. You also get a fantastic demonstration performance which showcases the versatility of this great new voice.

Next up is the Choir & Vocals Premium Pack. This is a much bigger affair, with a total of 20 brand new voices, including the unique Super Articulation and Mega Voices. This means that not only do you have great new vocal sounds for live play, but also has allowed Yamaha's programming team to create some fantastic new backing styles, which include the new vocal samples. The new voices are perfect for many different styles of music, from classical choral works through to the distinctive pop vocal sounds so often heard in popular music. New styles in this pack recreate the signature sound of some of the world's most popular vocal groups, from the Beach Boys through to the Stylistics, the Carpenters, the Eagles and many more. Each of the styles comes complete with One Touch Settings and you even get twelve new Multi Pads to enhance your performances. This pack includes a total of sixteen “Regi-Stick” settings to get you started and two demonstration performances.

Finally, the new Euro & US Organs Premium Pack introduces a whole new level of organ realism and nostalgia. The Tyros3's in-built electronic organ sounds were sampled from a Hammond B3 - but now Yamaha's team have sampled even more classic organ models, including Wersi and Lowrey, to create a massive expansion in organ tones. The timeless European pop organ sound is ever popular, and with the new Helios, Galaxy and Spectra samples from the Premium Pack you can easily create a sound-alike performance of all those classic tracks.

A very different but equally popular sound is that of the evergreen home organ, typified for many enthusiasts by such models as the Lowrey Holiday D325 and Lowrey GAK. Yamaha sampled these models with painstaking care, even down to sampling the individual flute footages, the classic Lowrey Symphonic Strings and the distinctive, smooth rounded tones of the Lowrey bass pedals - and the result is amazing.

Combining these new organ samples with the new organ styles and One Touch Settings contained in the pack means you can instantly enjoy playing in the style of Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert, Jerry Allen, Harry Stoneham, Alan Haven - and many more!! Again, this pack includes twelve new Multi Pads and sixteen “Regi-Stick” settings - together with two great organ performance tracks to inspire your own arrangements.

It's important to note that all of the new “Premium Content” voices and styles have been developed by the same team that were responsible for the entire design and development of Tyros3 from the outset - this means that the quality of the new material is equal or better than the in-built sounds and styles from the factory! Crucially, it also means that the new voices and styles work together seamlessly with the familiar Tyros3 content, to give a true “upgrade” to this successful Yamaha flagship.

These new downloads are in addition to the huge (and ever expanding) range of Premium Styles currently available. The new Premium Voice and Premium Packs will be available from August, however you can get a sneak preview already at the main Tyros3 website.

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