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Do You Own An Orla Organ?

Posted: Saturday 11th July

Do You Own An Orla Organ?

If you do then here’s something which could be right up your street!  A brand new instructional DVD designed for Orla organs series GT5000, GT8000, GT9000 & GT Sport.  This is the first in a series of DVD’s to help bring your owners manual to life.  

It’s all about how to get the best out of your instrument but it’s done in a very easy to follow and easy to understand way.  The idea of the DVD is to be extremely informative but also enjoyable at the same time!

Part 1 - the first in the series covers Automatic Organ and Automatic Set Up.  Two sections of the organs which are tremendously flexible as well as versatile! 

The DVD is presented by Paul Carman who takes us on a journey showing just how easy it is for players of all standards to achieve incredible sounds and styles of music.   As Paul says, “the emphasis is to show the ease of operation coupled with breathtaking and effective sounds”.  The DVD is filmed in such a way it’s almost like being right there alongside Paul at the organ!

The DVD runs for 70 minutes…more parts will follow in the series!

It can be obtained for £12-99 plus £1-00 p & p along with other Keyplay4u titles at the Keyplay4u website or from The Music People

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