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Eastbourne Piano and Keyboard Club Closes

Posted: Friday 8th February

A message from the Chairman.

A very sad evening on Feb 5th 2019 as I’m afraid to have to inform everyone after a lengthy one and a half hour AGM where every option was discussed and voted on by the 14 people who attended - the conclusion was the club closed its doors with immediate effect.

Some will say only 14 in attendance that’s not even a quorum? Well as there were only 14 signed up members in January 2019 of which 7 of those were in attendance that’s 50%. You only need 20% to pass business at an AGM.

It’s like many clubs that have sadly gone, lack of support and no one new willing to take the club on.

Any monies left over will be donated to the Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival Trust, Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition Trust and the Nora Sands Piano Competition Trust. 

These charities are all based locally and support young and mature students alike to participate in performance. All of these competitions have their finals held in Eastbourne.

I’d like to thank my Committee Tina Wood, Gina Jarvis and Trevor Jarvis for all of their hard work over the past 2 years. We all did what we could to try and keep the Club going., but attendances were so low the past 5 months it was as good a time as any to call it a day.

Members and Visitors over the past 40 years will miss the Club I’m sure, but there are plenty of Organ, Piano and Keyboard concerts around, I’m certain you’ll find a place that suits you all to get your entertainment in the future.

It’s been great at times and to be honest difficult at other times, but I’ve hopefully served you well. As I’ve said we did try. We weren’t left a great deal when we took over. It was nearly closed before I did start, so at least I gave you another 2 years.

I’m sure we will see some or all of you at other events in the future.

All best wishes

Rod Pooley


Eastbourne Piano and Keyboard Club

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