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Message from Howard Beaumont

Posted: Thursday 8th November

Message from Howard Beaumont

During my travels to various organ clubs and festivals, I have been approached by members of the audience saying “ we didn’t know you had retired Howard “ This was very disconcerting to me as I hadn’t announced that fact to anyone. I think the misunderstanding has come about because I have stated that I won’t be providing an organ to club concerts because it is physically too demanding on a person of my age.

I did announce however that if a club was willing to supply a suitable instrument for me to play I would accept a booking. This along with the fact that I still playing summer seasons in Scarborough plus the many theatre pipe organ concerts which I enjoy very much. Some festival organisers try to book me with another artist who have the same instrument as mine ,I am very grateful to those players for the use of their instrument.

I along with my wife Eileen look forward to seeing you all out there as long as we enjoy our kind of music and good health.

Thank you,

Howard Beaumont 

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