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Jamie and Yamaha launch most advanced piano

Posted: Thursday 17th November

Jamie Cullum

Yamaha’s new Disklavier 'Enspire' piano was recently launched at The Shard in London by pianist & singer/songwriter Jamie Cullum.

The performance was a little unusual though! The watching audience were somewhat taken back Jamie's band, and Jamie's piano started to play... but, no Jamie! It turned out that Jamie had played earlier at London’s Metropolis Studios and his entire performance was being reproduced live from the Enspire complete with every note, emotion and nuance - all in sync with a movie of the recording session. When Jamie appeared in person to finish the gig the audience began to catch on and understand the potential of this amazing new instrument.

To look at, the Yamaha Enspire looks like a high class, normal grand piano. However looks decieve as it is packed with some pretty amazing technology. Yamaha says the new model is “without doubt the world’s most sophisticated and interactive home entertainment experience”. Enspire incorporates unique technology that allow it to play itself, record itself, be played remotely, and network with other Enspire instruments anywhere the world. Abbey Road Studios have seen the potential of the instrument and have become the first studio in Europe to install a Yamaha Enspire.

Owners of one of these fabulous piano's can tap into the Pianosoft software library. Download a file and instantly the instrument will replay a full performance that includes orchestral and vocal arrangements with the piano keys and pedals exactly replicating the physical actions of the pianist at the time of the original recording.

The instrument also offers connectivity with Yamaha’s MusicCast multi-room system, which will seamlessly stream Enspire’s performance throughout your home. The instrument is controlled by iPhone, iPad and iPod thanks to the Enspire controller app. The piano can even be played silently and listed to on just headphones.

Jamie has said “This is a new type of piano that is true to Yamaha’s tradition and craftsmanship but opens up new creative potentials for musicians. The fact that it’s a self contained recording studio and can connect musicians remotely anywhere in the world, gives me as a musician, many some yet to be discovered, new ways to communicate and compose.”

Yamaha’s Charles Bozon, added “Yamaha is driven by a passion for music making, innovation and excellence and the new Yamaha Enspire is one of the finest examples of this philosophy. The instrument will appeal to musicians, songwriters, recording studios and of course anyone at home who wants the ultimate entertainment system.”

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