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Phantom Of The Opera

Posted: Thursday 19th November

Phantom Of The Opera

International recitalist, Dr Anthony Hammond, will be returning to the village of his grandparents to play a dramatic and improvised organ accompaniment to the original 1925 black and white movie, The Phantom of the Opera. The film will be shown in St Mary’s Church, Overton-on-Dee on Saturday 21st November at 7:30pm.

Dr Hammond had been scheduled to perform in October. The lights were on, the organist had warmed up, the wine glasses were filled, all were looking forward to the classic film of “Phantom of the Opera” and then disaster struck. A telephone call broke the news that the van with screen, film and projection equipment was broken down on the motorway some miles away.

But the situation was generously saved by Dr Anthony Hammond, acclaimed English concert organist, who immediately agreed to return in November (with The Phantom), but in the meantime, to avoid disappointing the audience, announced he would provide a short impromptu performance. He had not a page of music with him but Dr Hammond showed the delighted audience why he is one of the leading improvisers in his field by explaining the principles of improvisation and demonstrating, using inspiration from that day - it was the evening of the England/Australia rugby match! The audience enjoyed a concert including Swing Low Sweet Chariot and concluding with a short 4 movement symphony in which they were able to identify the themes of “Jerusalem” and “Waltzing Matilda” with a cheeky “Bread of Heaven” interweaving its way into the middle. The Church reverberated to the sound of the St Mary’s organ played to its full potential and giving the audience a taste of the delights to come on 21st November.

There is still chance to buy tickets for the rearranged “Phantom of the Opera” evening on Saturday November 21st at 7.30pm.

Those who have October tickets can still use them and tickets are also on sale from 710219 or 710631, the Corner Shop or Woodlands Deli.

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