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Bums On Seats!

Posted: Sunday 13th September

Bums On Seats!

As part of its ongoing efforts to recruit more support, the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society has devised a special scheme which also helps local charities (and non-profit organisations). By prior agreement, the Club allocates say 20 tickets to a selected charity for a specific concert on the understanding that this charity retains the proceeds. The potential outcome is that the Club will have 20 extra people in the audience and the participating charity will have £100 or more to add to their funds.

Apart from the fact that 20 people will purchase raffle tickets at the concert, a number of persons from that group may be persuaded to return for subsequent concerts. The Club has nothing to lose by implementing this idea and, although the response may not always be as hoped, it introduces new members of the public to the entertainment on offer. The effort is certainly worthwhile!

Here at OrganFax we think this is a great idea and would suggest that there is no reason not to help out a different charity (and your club) at every concert. If you have further suggestions to help our clubs let us know!

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