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Posted: Tuesday 28th April

Good News

A few months ago it was envisaged that Peterborough Organ & Keyboard Club would cease to be at the end of this year, however Tony Oliver has informed us that this will not now be the case. Following a committee meeting on Monday 27th April it was decided that the club can survive longer than anticipated and they will now be making bookings up to and including September 2016. It is also hoped if they can maintain increased numbers it maybe longer.

Some changes to the club’s committee structure have also been made as June Clarke has decided to step down as chairman and Tony has been elected to the post with Bernard Gaydon as deputy. June will still be responsible for booking artistes and will be looking to negotiate fees amicably in order to keep the club afloat! She has also taken over the treasurer’s duties from husband Graham. These changes are with immediate effect and with the committee's mission statement of "We will endeavour to keep a positive outlook", we would like to wish all at the club the very best.

Whilst keeping a club thriving is not always an easy endeavour it is good to see a committee grasp hold of existing problems and spread the load for the benefit of all its members. We would urge all clubs to fight the enemy of apathy and promise here at organFax we will do what we can to help. If your club as news and we can help let us know!

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