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30th Anniversary for Andy Quin

Posted: Saturday 28th March

30th Anniversary for Andy Quin

This year is the 30th anniversary of the release of Andy Quin's groundbreaking CD, Mirage. It was recorded on the Fairlight CMI, the world's first sampling computer musical instrument. This instrument was the forerunner to solid-state digital sampling and recording systems such as those used in modern computers, mobiles, ipods and of course digital organs and Hauptwerk.

The album DWCD0001 was the first CD of the World's first Production Music Library released digitally. Pressed by Nimbus Records, (the first company in the UK to master cd's). It has enjoyed considerable international success. Tracks from the album are currently being broadcast in Japan but in the UK the music was probably best known for its use on the early ITV Oracle adverts back in 1985;

The album hailed a new era of digital recording and was one of the very first to use digital computers, samplers and sequencers that now completely dominate modern music production for film and television...

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