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New Organ Needed for St Barnardo's

Posted: Sunday 28th December

New Organ Needed for St Barnardo's

We do not usually put this kind of item on our news page however when this message came in from Alan Pilgrim at Colchester OS and because it is for such a worthy cause we thought we would try and help out!

"I was put into care with Barnardo's from the age of three months when my parents died. Their original Church organ needs £150-000 plus spent on it and they haven't that sort on money. If they had it would go to help their 20,000 plus children that they have in care and not on an outdated organ. So if at all possible I would like to find a suitable instrument for them. I am quite happy to help out with the costs however unfortunately I am not a millionaire, so it will have to be something that I can afford. So I am now looking for a suitable instrument to put into the Church at Barnardo's head office/memorial Church at Barkingside.

Although I have organised Colchester Society for the passed forty-five years I can't play a note and haven't a clue what is a suitable organ for the Church. All I know is that I need two manuals and a full peddle board with built in speakers. So please, can you help me?"

So we would like to launch a New Years Appeal on their behalf to all our readers. Is there anyone out there that can help out?

email or call us 01606 270148

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