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Wersi Direct Limited is Expanding

Sunday 5th December

The UKs premier Wersi Dealership, Wersi Direct Limited, is offering an excellent opportunity to join their team at events up and down the country.

They are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to help in all manner of tasks, from loading and unloading goods, to setting up the fantastic Wersi Direct Limited stand, demonstrating the state of the art OAS system to potential customers and any other day to day runnings at a festival.

The ideal candidate for this role should be punctual, enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated and ideally should have a basic knowledge of ... Read more.

Good Idea In This Weather?

Friday 3rd December

Weyhill Electronic Organ Society sells tickets in advance for all of its concerts and on the reverse side of the tickets for concerts staged during the winter months they have a printed message which reads as follows:


In the event of inclement weather during the winter months (e.g. snow and ice) you may wish to seek confirmation that a particular concert has not been cancelled before you travel.

If so, please contact xxxxx xxxxxx or xxxxx xxxxxx

Should cancellation be necessary, a refund will be made on production of the relevant concert ticket.

Not a bad idea given the circumstances of the last few days?!

Dots To Order Relaunches At Swift Music

Friday 3rd December

Penny Weedon is delighted to announce that Margaret Swift at Swift Music is to take on the running of Dots to Order, the transcription and arrangement service originally launched by Penny Weedon.
"Margaret is as excited as I am," Penny says. "She will be arranging herself, and will also head up a team of other arrangers, so the future of this popular service is now assured."
To contact Dots to Order at Swift Music, telephone Margaret Swift on 0117 968 8427 or write to her at Swift Music, 63 Shirehampton Road, Bristol, BS9 2DW. Email:

More shows cancelled due to weather

Friday 3rd December

We have been informed that tonight's concerts(Friday 3rd December) with Matthew Bason at Colchester and Dirkjan Ranzijn at Trowbridge have been cancelled due to the continued snow and ice conditions.  Also, we understand that Matthew's planned show for the ABC Club in South Yorks has also been cancelled next Tuesday (7th).  Once again, we strongly advise that you contact the relevant club personel (as listed in the club directory) before heading out to any event in order to avoid disappointment.

A gradual improvement in the weather is forecast after tonight, but with hill ... Read more.

SOCKET To Them Penny!SOCKET To Them Penny!

Saturday 20th November

Penny Weedon is pleased to announce the formation of SOCKET: The Society of Organ Clubs, Keyboard Entertainers and Teachers. At the moment, it exists as a website, but Penny hopes it will establish a presence at keyboard events as time goes by. Penny started it in response to the many reports from those involved with keyboards and organs that they were experiencing hard times, especially with falling audiences at clubs and problems with recruiting club committees. In line with her series of articles "So Are We Doomed?", she hopes the SOC... Read more.

Wanted: Arrangers & TranscribersWanted: Arrangers & Transcribers

Saturday 20th November

Penny Weedon is on the look-out for musicians who are able to transcribe music from sound recordings, or re-arrange printed pieces into a required format such as top line and chords, 3-stave organ format, simplified format and so on. The post is vacant following the emigration of Dan Jones who was offering these services under the "Dots to Order" banner, originally founded by Penny.
"The service has proved a tremendous success," says Penny. "It got so busy I had to hand it on to Dan. Now we need one or more people to take the job over from him. Applicants will need a good e... Read more.

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