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Herne Bay Organ and Keyboard Club

Telephone Number :  01227 365444

Email address :  verna.mellish@gmail.com

Contact name :  Verna Mellish (Secretary}

Venue address : Pettman House, Herne Bay Over 60s Club, Hanover Square, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5NY

About Herne Bay Organ and Keyboard Club

Herne Bay Organ & Keyboard Club was formed in November 1981. Affiliated to the Canterbury Arts Council we were originally called the "Herne Bay Organ Club". It's creation was the inspiration of a handful of local people that had a similar interest in organ music. Although the concept of the club has always remained the same the inclusion of "Keyboard" in the club name was added several years later. This has kept the club moving with the times as keyboard ownership was steadily overtaking households with organs.

However, we respect our roots and still have a good balance of both organ & keyboard players. We are proud to boast the ownership of our own Orla 8000 organ and a recent aquisition of a Tyros 3 keyboard.

Several of our current members are the original folk that founded the club!

You will find us to be a very friendly, enthusiastic and a fun group of people. We always welcome visitors to both our concert and social evenings. We meet twice monthly usually on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month. On the 2nd Wednesday,(Concert Night) we host a professional, top rated organist or keyboard player from the uk or sometimes overseas. The concert is always preceded  by a 30 minute "preamble" by one of our more confident club members. On the 4th Wednesday, (Social Night) our members entertain on the club Orla, Tyros or their own instruments.

Although we are an organ & keyboard club you don't have to play to join us. Many come along just to listen to the music and enjoy the social occasion. Several of our members don't play at all while others enjoy playing at home but choose not to play at the club.

Throughout the year we also have "themed" nights on our social evenings. These range from Fish & Chip Suppers, Country & Western nights, Pearly Kings & Queens and American suppers to name a few!

A light hearted, bi-monthly newsletter keeps us up to date with "goings on" and concert dates for other clubs local to us.

Why not pop along to see first hand what we are all about. We are confident you will be made to feel very welcome and will definately make some new friends and have a very enjoyable evening.

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we're not always dressed like this ! Members having fun Our lovely Town Members enjoying a social evening Our ladies working hard in the kitchen

Herne Bay Organ and Keyboard Club's Concert Diary

March 11thPete Shaw