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A guide to the future of our clubs... CLUBS UNITED

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About A guide to the future of our clubs... CLUBS UNITED

The website is starting to take shape with very useful ideas, thank you for those who have taken part so far, let's get POSITIVE and look to the future - please get involved and keep your emails coming!

Clubs United is a newly created support website for organ and keyboard clubs and societies. It is the outcome of a meeting of several electronic keyboard and organ enthusiasts who got together towards the end of 2018 to discuss the situation of the organ club circuit in the UK and their own clubs’ experiences with regards to falling audience numbers. It was felt that the club scene could eventually disappear within 2 or 3 years if we do not attempt to reverse this decline.

As many enthusiasts know, over the last few years several struggling clubs have been turned around with the intervention and assistance of some of our professional players and we now want to take a positive course of action to show a willingness to help alongside these efforts, to try and unite clubs to work together to sustain our own futures.

The objective of the website is not only to try to help clubs raise public awareness of themselves before all audiences disappear completely but also, if appropriate, to help drum up the motivation of members to join the committee of an otherwise successful club.

So the Clubs United website is our starting point - an ongoing 'brainstorming platform', a place of communicating and co-ordination, where not just clubs but also our professional players can express their concerns and/or contribute suggestions and possible solutions to the problems so many of us are facing to some degree or other. Please click on the link to the website at the top of this page to find out more of what we are doing and how we can all work together in practical ways to help each other.

We are asking all clubs (and professional players) to please take part and put forward their ideas and suggestions that could help to attract a bigger audience and either new/more committee members or alternative ways of running a club. Whether your audience numbers are doing well or if you are experiencing a decline we would like to hear from you.

We need to act promptly, let's end this apathy and negativity that is prevalent amongst us at the moment and take some time to try to help each other before it is too late - so come on, please put your thinking caps on! All suggestions and comments will be welcome, however small or insignificant you may feel they are; they could include measures you have already taken to help your own club, even if you are not sure if they have been of any benefit - what works or doesn’t work for one club may be different for another. In particular it would be interesting to share clubs' experiences and benefits of using social media to promote their club nights and concerts.

Also, on a broader, more far-reaching scale, shouldn’t we be trying to raise public awareness of the organ/keyboard circuit in general, i.e. on a national basis? Relatively speaking the majority of the UK probably don’t know that our clubs/societies/venues with our excellent and affordable concerts even exist – how could we address this? Unless there is some form of national public promotion our clubs are facing an ever increasing uphill battle of getting themselves recognised for what we all showcase so well. If anybody has any connections with any form of public media we would like to hear from you.

Please email your comments to us, our address is at the top of this page.

Those we receive will be compiled and categorised on the comments and suggestions page. We want to respect your privacy so your comments will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise. 

We are looking forward very much to hearing from you.

Stewart Langton (New Forest Organ Society)

Pam Barnard (Norwich Electronic Organ and Keyboard Club)

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