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A guide to the future of our clubs... CLUBS UNITED

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About A guide to the future of our clubs... CLUBS UNITED

A warm welcome to Clubs United, for more information please visit our website (address above). We are a support website which, since September 2019 has been an ongoing 'brainstorming platform', a place of communicating and co-ordination, where not just keyboard clubs/societies/shows/venues but also our professional players can express their concerns and/or contribute suggestions and possible solutions to the problems so many of us are facing to some degree or other.

Please click on the link to the website at the top of this page to find out more of what we are doing and how we can all work together in practical ways to help each other. Whether your audience numbers are doing well or if you are experiencing a decline we would like to hear from you even if it is only to reiterate what has already been said by others on the website. If you would like your comments to be added to the site we will respect your privacy and keep them anonymous, unless you tell us otherwise.

Update 2021.. 

We've updated the website to reflect the current situation (October 2021), please do click on the link above and take a look to see if you find some help for your club, or indeed help other clubs who are struggling. Life is not straightforward at the moment, it would be useful if we can help our fellow enthusiasts so if you are prepared to share your club's experience at the moment please let us know.

Please email us on the address above.

Best wishes

Pam and Stewart

A guide to the future of our clubs... CLUBS UNITED's Concert Diary

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