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Aldermaston Concert Centre

Telephone Number :  01252 623108

Email address :

Contact name :  Christine Brockwell

Venue address : William Penny Theatre, Aldermaston, Reading, Berks, RG7 4PR

About Aldermaston Concert Centre

Hello, Due to two main reasons, sadly Aldermaston Concert Centre is now closed.

Primarily due to Coronovirus, but also because our lovely Sylvia, along with Shirley and Alan decided to retire this autumn.   Sylvia has never missed a concert in all of our ten years.

We have been asking for replaements but to no avail.  Also we have been running at a loss recently and with Covid we cannot guarantee our 'older age' audience will return until there is a vaccine.  We felt it was an impossible unfortunate set of circumstances that all came together.


Many apologies, and thanks,  to all the players over the years.  Especially those that helped us get on our feet initially.

Thanks to all the team and to AWE itself who have worked with us all the way.  Not forgetting our patrons and audiences. 



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