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Welcome to the articles section. Here you'll find editorials from the OrganFax team and leading figures in the Organ and Keyboard industry, as well as tutorials and other articles from key manufacturers.

All of our articles are conviently downloadable in PDF form. You will need need a free piece of software called Adobe Acrobat to view them. And please don't forget, copyright applies to every article.

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Phil Kelsall

Spotlight on Phil Kelsall

Category: Spotlights

The musical world of Phil Kelsall extends far beyond the 4 corners of the legendary Blackpool dance hall. This month’s spotlight profiles the man and his music – both in his popular Fylde coast setting and also into the ‘wider world’ of the modern day Mr. Blackpool!

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Tony Fenlon

Spotlight on Tony Fenelon

Category: Spotlights

Music lovers have every reason to be excited this month as we witness the welcome return once again of one of the God Given Geniuses of the popular keyboard world - the one and only 'Tony Fenelon' direct from Melbourne, Australia!

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Brett Wales

Spotlight on Brett Wales

Category: Spotlights

Born Nottingham in 1978, there can be few other modern day names on the popular organ & keyboard circuit who have literally rocketed themselves to such a high level of both popularity and respect as Brett Wales….


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